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  1. yes i do sell these! from franks great outdoors in linwood and all around saginaw bay and down to some shops around the Lake St Clair area! Anglers point marina and sportsmens direct sell them online from their prospective stores! just type up their names and a link will come up!
  2. I started making these ice jigs about 20 years ago and worked together with another guy in making something different! as you can see i put a bead in a bead which make makes it look like an eye! i can use different inserts for different beads! i have to hand drill each ones because beads can be very brittle but it is worth the extra effort! i use these on panfish mainly perch,crappie sunfish and walleyes and pike like them too ! i enjoy making these and when you catch something on what you make it is great!
  3. Thats ok snowfish i caught my limit by 10:45 I know its not as fast as your 8:45 but i am learning! We caught these in almost the same spot as you ralph!
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