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  1. Daybreak, Someone told me you were a moderator for upangler. I have been trying to join. It seems i have to wait for approval, but no one ever approves me???



  2. Thanks for the Welcome. One member suggested UPangler.com, I tried to make an account but they wont verify me???? Does anyone know an Administrator over there?
  3. Hi all. Im going to go brimley in whitefish bay. I was wondering if you can fish in the main lake with ordinary tackle. Im from Pittsburgh and fish erie often, however im sure these 2 lakes are nothing alike. On erie, you take a boat out a hundred yards you can catch perch and small mouth, a walleye here and there. Mostly over small rock patches where there are crayfish. I have been to brimley before, i swam in the lake and remember lifting rocks in 10ft of water a seeing hundreds of crayfish. Do bass come in at night on feed on them? I have a little boat, thats all i can take, i cant pull anything bigger up there, i need to take my van for other people to fit. I wanted to check with you guys to see if i should just leave the boat at home?? If you have any tips on anything i could to up there it would be greatly appreciated!! I cant find any info on fishing that area,however, farther west its seems like the best place in the world! Thanks -NIck
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