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  1. Hello...If none of the previously described boards match what you found I also lost a Starboard (right) Church Tackle Orange board. It would have a Red OR19 release attached to arm of the planer and could have 350' segment of copper attached with a spoon attached...don't remember for sure the spoon but possibly a UV Blue Dolphin Stinger.
  2. Fished Thursday night with a coworker and three guests. Started dropping lines in 100 foot south of Port Sheldon. Depth Raider showed 58 degrees 75 down so we headed straight West. Didn't get half the lines out and took a double in 110'. Hit 120 and we were hooked up with another double. All four mid teen Kings. Turned South and stayed in 120-130 all night. Ended up 22 for 28 or something really stupid. Started the night going 9 for 9 in 45 minutes. Every rod took fish but the deeper setups were best--300, 350, 450 Coppers, Riggers 70, 85. Greens were best for both spoons and flies. NBK was HOT! Moonshines--Flounder Pounder, Happee Meal, Mongolian Beef took some serious fish. We had multiple doubles, triples and two Quads! Ended the night with a triple including a 19# King. 20 Kings mostly mid teens and 2 Steelies. Went back out Friday night and took my Dad, son, and daughter. Also figured after Thursday nights non stop action needed another pair of hands and asked Kevin Lacey to come along. Dropped lines in 120 and started on a West troll. Didn't have the fourth rod in and a corner rigger went off with Happee Meal down 70'. Fish came unbuttoned and we continued the bad luck streak and started 1 for 9 or 10. Finally ended up putting a few in the box. 8-10# Kings along with a couple nice coho. Ended the night early just before 9 PM. Finished 9 for 25 or something stupid again. Same deal as Thursday night deeper rigs were best. Happee meal moonshine was probably the best lure. We found the water warmed up some more and did our best in 130'-140' of water. Chalked up some serious equipment and tackle losses on a couple screamers. Two copper set ups with flasher flies and a dipsey set up all donated for taking over 50 hits in two nights!! Ended the night taking a dip and cooling off!!! Incredibly good fishing!
  3. Wasn't foggy at all. The fog was bad when we left the house but at the launch and on the lake was clear all morning.
  4. Went for a short trip out of Holland this morning. Dropped lines at 7:00 AM in 100' on a West troll. Water temp was 66' on top all the way down to 90'. Setting our fourth line and we took a triple. All three nice kings. Ended up going 10 for 10 by 9:30 AM. Lost our eleventh and last hit pulled lines at 10 AM. Here is what worked: Took 4 Kings on Dipsy's 1.5 setting 185. Mountain Dew Flasher with Oceana and Chrome/Green Flasher with Pickled Sunshine both took two each. 300' Copper took 1 with Green glow frog spoon. Riggers took 5 fish parked at 55, 65 and 80 down. Blue/green Stinger spoon took 2, Mixed Veggie flasher with Green mirage fly took 1. Mini green Dolphin stinger took 1 and Moonshine Double trouble also took 1. All fish except one were 6-10 pound fish. Took one 16# king that surprisingly wasn't all that dark but was full of eggs. Best water depth seemed to be 130' and a North/Northwest troll Great morning fishing!
  5. Shane--Nice job on the fish last night. Thanks for the info--hope to get out soon!!
  6. Fished out of Holland this morning. Ended up 15 for 20 something??? 12 Kings, Two Lakers and one Steely. Caught fish from 140 to 210 both on a Southwest and Northeast troll. All fish came on spoons but everything went--dipsy's, copper, riggers. Caught fish on 100, 150, 200 and 300 coppers. Most productive depth was 30-60 down. Green spoons were great early then seemed like it shifted to oranges. Green Glo Nitro went 5 times and Jawbreaker took 3 fish. Awesome day on the water!!
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