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  1. Yes. Winthrop Harbor. I don't catch a lot with meat but they are bigger than usual.
  2. That's a good point about the fire extinguishers. I need to update mine and will add an extra 1 on board. John
  3. Thanks for the replies guys! I have new handhelds good till 2014. I fish out of Illinois and I wouldn't even know where to look if the 12 guage flares have been banned. I would not think so as they are still sold here. Is there a different aerial that Michigan requires you guys to carry? Thanks again. John
  4. It is time to replace my 12 gauge aerials and handheld smoke signals. Anyone have a place with good pricing and selection? I don't really want to have to buy a complete kit. Thanks for the help! John
  5. I run 2 5" Humminbird units. 1 is a combo (788) the other is sonar only (786). You can run the combo unit in full screen either sonar or gps or split screen. I run 2 because I wanted a back up to the gps if 1 would stop working when I am 3-10 miles out on the big lake. So far no glitches and I love these units. John
  6. I just found this site and it looks great! I've been looking around and there is a lot of terrific info here. I have been salmon fishing for 3 years now and can not get enough. I fish the Illinois/Wisconsin line mostly, but I want to fish Door County soon. I also plan on getting in some day trips to Racine, Port Washington and up to Manitowoc. I fish out of a 2000 Lund Tyee 1860 so I have to pick my days but my family and I love getting out. Thanks for the great info! John
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