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  1. Fishing was tough to say the least today. Started out fishing the catfish hole then made a move to 20' and picked up a couple there. Made another move to shallower water, 12', and picked up the rest. Fourth fish of the day came with some jewelry in its jaw:D. First time I ever seen, let alone caught, a tagged fish. Ran all meat today on BB's. Purple and purple/pink took the majority of fish traveling around 1.2-1.5 on the G.P.S. Hoping to make one more trip to the bay before switching to the West side for some Chrome:grin: I would post a pic but seems I am not allowed to yet.
  2. On Tuesday I was fishing in 10'-15' of water. I was running BB on one side and in-line weights on the other side (three rods each). The BB picked up very few weeds while the in-lines picked up tons. I started out running them back 25'-30' back and ended up at 15' back to try and stay out of the weeds. My question is why would the in-lines pick up weeds and not the BB'ers? Thanks everyone. LTH
  3. Finally made it out this year. Went out from Standish (Eagle Bay Marina) yesterday. Started around 8:30am in 10' of water on a SE troll. Running BB and harnesses. Immediately got into some fish with a few farm animals to boot. Wind started to pick up around 10:30 and the first mate didn't like the waves (was getting sick) so we cut the trip short with three in the box and two throw backs. Purple was the only color that we got anything on. On the positive side it was great to get the boat out and be back on the water.
  4. Thanks to all of you that said hello, I look forward to talking about and discussing everything about fishing with all of you.
  5. Just wanted to say hello to everyone.
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