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  1. Update, The marina's website had a misprint on the actual motor in the boat. Its actually an 898 motor. I have been told this is still a good motor and part aviablitiy should not be a problem. I have a budy that is an ex marine mech going with me to check everything else out. Thanks to everyone for the thoughts and opinions.
  2. Thanks everyone for the help and opinions. Although I dont fish on the Great Lakes, I figured this would be the best place to get some information on the boats. Once again thanks everyone for the warm welcome.
  3. Gentlemen and Ladies, I need some help with a decision on a new (used) boat. The Sea Nymph is a 1988 GLS 220 with a 228 hp I/O open coolant system. The Sabre is a 1987 great lakes edition. It has a 170 hp I/O closed coolant system. Anyone has any opinions about either boat? Thanks, Shane
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