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  1. fished last weekend in the sag river, out of bay city. the current was not bad but the visability was about 2 feet, we did not have a solid hook up in four hours of fishing. we jigged almost to the mouth from vets, the ice was thin then but we still had to break it up, there were 3 other boats that we saw and they were having the same luck! since then the ice has melted temporarily untill last night! any way just thought it might help, soon it should be locked up? for the winter? good luck stay safe!

  2. im definatly no expert but the trip this week thurs thru sat, i would say it might be late for the run outside the harbour, of course depends on the weather, the fish were stackin in front of the peir and then into the harbor, we caught fish in front and out to 60 ft and others were getin in the harbor ,and off the pier, others were out deeper in 80 to 100 we couldnt get that going though , it might be a crap shoot. hope it helps, by the way biggest was 25 pounds smallest was 17 they were all NICE fish

  3. thanks for the report plan on heading out sat for the first time in 2 weeks !! they had me workin 15 hr days the last 2 weeks, ughhh im tired but i can still go fishiin this week!! will be outa linwood, battling the heat, man today was the worst of the past 2 weeks for sure! out all day on a broken pole and strand!

  4. thanks for the info, i too was out today except out of linwood, flat as glass around 6:30 but by the time we headed in at 2 they were solid 4ftrs with some bigger rollers!!:eek: fished straight out of linwood started in 14 ft then moved north and east into 18, nothin so out to 1 buoy and finnally got some action , 1 keeper ALOT of dinks 1oz 25 to 45 ft back only colors eaten were green and pink, (not chartruess, just to be specific) all on meat. the onlything we didnt try was spoons or cranks ):confused: should of thought of that, 1.4 ish was the speed if we could hold it close to that water wasnt terribly stained 6-8 foot vis or close to that, surface temp was 70 in close and 68 out at #1 well thats all i can share wish the waves werent so bad otherwise probly could of found some feesh , good luck stay safe!!

  5. :thumb:WOW those are some nice lookin feesh!:grin:i went out a couple weeks ago out of the sag bay just before the ice blew out and nothin. but didnt expect much just REALLY wanted to get out on the water! was talking with some buds and we were throwing around the idea of makin the trip down? still undecided, i have been on the mighty D once before as a passenger. my question is were to launch to get on the lake and is that mich waters or ohio? if ohio what is the license fee and the minimum size limit and catch limit? thanks i like jiggin but as ive seen can get a little crowded:eek: any-hoo great job wish i was there!!

  6. nice fish bomb, ive been thinkin the same thing was not able to get out but only a few times due to work and weather!? i pulled the rig out yesterday from storage, vacumed,washed and waxed her today, looking damn good! and both motors started right up good to go soon as i can get her to a launch!! running out of fillets for sure! good luck be safe!:thumb:

  7. well that just stinks frank. i work for frontier (old Verizon) land line,not wireless, as far as the 800 numbers some companys are better than others and yes that does suck!! even i catch flack from cust, not to stick up for them at all ,ive never dealt with em (charter) but... they should of sent out some kind of notice or email advising cust of the upgrade they did that made your equipment obsolete! in the least!! i know the squeeky wheel gets the grease.... at least with us and most of the time you dont have to squeek to loud they are really good. for your future i have a wireless card from altell, dont have any other service yet, and that works pretty good, but its kinda pricey, one thing i can tell ya is defintely, the squeeky wheel gets the grease no company wants to lose a cust or have a p.u.c complaint filed on them!! good luck:thumb:

  8. fished the west side of the sag bay today....slow.... but at least i finally got out fished with some friends and went out to the plug .. then in a few miles and finished at the first crack or now the second crack, the ice was in good shape from 12 to 20 inches. there was a new crack out half mile that in the morn was 12 inches and after a bit of lookin crossed with no prob, the second crack with piles was crossed as well at about 4 miles out, the only prob was no fish anywhere!! we had a 5 man group and split up to search and still nothin? flashers and my camera could not find a fish. the wind built up out of the east and was DEFINETLY movin it west wich closed them up! out about 8 miles we hit a broken up OLD ice field and it was rough ridin! but one of the group brought the grill and we had brats for lunch mmmmmm. i have pics but cant seem to upload them? anywho after alot of searchin nothin hope it pics up, as i am closing on a new house and wont have time for a couple weeks, but that might be just the time they need. and if not i got the boat!! btw we were off of Erickson rd, although the ice we were on was good we skipped around alot of other STUFF so be carefull with the new snow it will cover it up so be safe and good luck

  9. hey all . last year i put a minkota I pilot tera gps bow mount on the rig and my question is, for the hand remote how long does the battery last?? i used it a bit but not alot maybee 40 hours all together. how do i change the batt for it i cant remeber seeing any screws on the remote?? thanks i m gonna change them before the season i hope!! good luck stay safe

  10. hey all, Name=Eric , Age= 28, live in Mt.Pleasant MI , Fishing location =primarily the saginaw bay, getting back into the the salmon on lake mich, Boat= Lund 1800 fisherman,length=18.9 ft with 90 hp 4 stroke honda and a 15 horse johnson kicker,all rigged up for river jiggin and also mast planner boards for trolling, Experiance = have fished big water since i was 10, as a capt. of my own boat 8 years, boat name= BEATZ WORKIN. I am still learning alot of techniques and have over the last couple years started to get a solid gameplan for most trips, thats keeps me succesfull, i work for a utility company and work alot of hours, so its hard to stay consistent but as i would love to get out more but that depends on alot, thanks everyone, good luck be safe

  11. We are now starting to contact boaters to commit to June 18-19 at Veterans Park Bay City, MI to accommodate a couple Vets for a few hrs of fishing on the 19th. On the 18th in the afternoon we will have the registration and “Captains Meetingâ€. At the same time we will not only match up the Boater with the Vets they will take out but they can meet each other and discuss matters at hand. Please get your name and info to me as soon as you can. The number of boaters of course will determine how many Vets we can invite. About 70 boats is our goal. If we go over that great, means we can invite more Vets.

    Some of you may belong to a fishing group or clubs around the state. If so would YOU please help us by spreading the word about this event to them. Even email this message around to buddies, groups and clubs. Fliers will be available very soon. If someone hasn’t heard about the event Google in Walleyes for Warriors or call me Nels Larsen 989 837 2681. Leave a message on recorder if I am not by the phone.

    I would like to have the boaters send me an email with your full name, address, phone number where I can contact you as well as an email if you have one. After your name in parenthesis put Boater or tentative Boater

    Joe Blow (boater or tentative)

    222 elm

    Ida, MI xxxxx

    Phone #

    Email Address

    Send to Nels Larsen [email protected]

    hey if i can help i will i have a 19ft lund im not sure of the date dont care but i will burn a vac day if i have to?? what are the rules?? didnt do much reading so forgive me, if you need a boat ill chip in, catchin feesh we will see!!

  12. sorry...:confused: last post was still vauge im from central michigan, i fish 98% of the time on (big water) most of that as a "captain" in the saginaw bay , a few times in lake michigan (ludington) i used to fish ALOT out of frankfort with a friend when i was younger, the bay, from the mouth of the sag river to tawas, this summer im gonna try the east side a few times!!:grin: still trying to figure out some of the tricks here there are some pics on my home page nothing since the first few trips last march, i was fishing the sag river the first of march last year from the boat!! not this year!?

  13. :Dthanks guys and galls, i usually fish the bay and have started to aquire some equipment for salmon, i have made a few trips out last year but previous to that i was always a rider. so its alot different!! i do recognize alot of names from the ms site and it will be good to talk with ya here instead of wanting too there, thanks for all the welcomes

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