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  1. Depending on the day, you can catch fish with every method....upstream casting, quartering and swinging or straight downstream casting.

    Now although I haven't fished the Michigan rivers, one thing I really like to do with stickbaits in minimal to moderate current is a hard downward jerking motion followed by a short pause. The jerking motion causes the plug to dive hard, stop and then dive hard again. It really seems to tick off fish that won't hit the standard straight retrieves.

    I have had my best success with stickbaits for harbor and river salmon and trout by using this downward jerking motion. When standard retrieves aren't working give it a try.

  2. So the cooler actually is a 165qt cooler. I took some quick measurements (not exact) the exterior dimensions are as follows:

    -39 1/2 inches Long

    -16 1/2 inches wide

    -22 1/2 inches high

    The coller is the standard white and opens both the standard way and also has a little door in the middle, if one does not prefer to open the whole cooler, It also has 4 drink holders built into the top.

    This cooler was close to $100 new, I'm asking $50 firm.

    The cooler was only used a few times and now that I have the dog, the front deck is reserved for her and not such a large cooler. Anyone interested pm me and possibly we could meet this week, as I am leaving for NJ very early this coming Saturday and not returning until very late the following Sunday.

    Thank you.

  3. Hey guys,

    I have a few items I'm thinking of selling if anyone is interested. The items are as follows:

    -128 Quart Igloo Cooler (Purchased last year, this is the big full-sized cooler with both a full opening door and a smaller little door in the

    middle when there is not a need to open the whole cooler. Now that we have the dog, the cooler just takes up too much space on the front

    deck.) Purchased for around $70 will sell for $50

    -Two 12lb pancake downrigger weights (I'm picking up 15lb ball weights and will not be using the 12lb pancake weights anymore) They go

    for over $30 a piece but I will sell both for $40

    -Two West Marine clamp-on rodholders. Bought the pair new for $40 will sell for $25

    -Two 8lb fish weight downrigger weights (Good for early spring fishing) Will sell for $20

    If anyone is interested in any of the items feel free to pm me. Most of the items are up at the boat but I could have them by Saturday.

    Thanks all.

  4. It looks very similar to a SilverLake spoon. SilverLake is a smaller company out of PA that makes trout spinners and spoons. They are a bit difficult to find but I got two from West Marine. The dome eye on the spoon seems to be one of their trademarks.

  5. Thanks again guys.

    Well luckily nothing is wrong with the boat yet. We opted to have BPS install everything, at a pretty penny too, in order to save time and stay within warranty guidelines by having a qualified marine dealer install the electronics. Afterwards, I had to redo a lot of it just to make things right. The gap from the console to the gunwale, allowing water to POUR onto the electrical components under the console, was just garbage. I shouldn't have to put clear silicone on my new boat and Bass Pro's 'offical" stance was that they could fine nothing wrong.....and they are the marine experts.

    In the end, the boat isn't bad and I have things pretty much the way I want them but I just couldn't understand BPS indignance towards a customer that spent so much money in their store. It kinda leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

  6. My real issue is with the dealer, not the products. Yes, I have found some things that I didn't really like about the boat but overall I'm satisfied with it. You can't expect to get an Alumicraft or Lund with Tracker pricing. That I understand completely and will not argue that fact. The boat pretty much is what they stated.

    That being said.....I don't expect to pay for installation of items and then have to redo the installation because things were not done correctly. I also should not have to put a line of clear silicone on either side of the console because water is gushing in and soaking the wiring under the console. It's a new boat!!! Also, I planned on using my handheld GPS and had a cigarette lighter adapter added to the driver's console. Somehow, some way, the cigarette lighter blew a fuse and my GPS never worked again. I realize the fuse should keep a surge from hitting the GPS but it didn't and I then had a $350 piece of junk. Had to go out and buy a new plotter and I never used the cigarette lighter adapter again.

    It's things like that that bothered me and then when BPS and Tracker send me a survey and I relay the problem I've had, I'm told I will be contacted immediately by the dealer but I never heard anything. When I wrote directly to BPS regarding a separate issue, I never got a reponse either. To me that's just poor customer service.

    Lastly, I was called by Tracker 3 times asking if I wanted to purchase and extended warranty on the boat and each time I had to remind them I already purchased the extended plan at the time I bought the boat. Really...I have to tell the same guy 3 times I already have the plan? Where is the communication.

    In the end, that was my message to my fellow GLF members. I will say that this is MY experience with BPS and others can definitely have different experiences. However, I really feel that if you need to get something resolved after buying a boat from BPS, you're in for a long frustrating journey.

    Thanks again guys.

  7. Hey guys,

    I was debating on whether to post anything or not but will just say that anyone who is thinking about purchasing a Tracker boat from Bass Pro Shops can feel free to speak to me regarding my personal experience with BPS before and after I purchased my boat. I think it's beneficial for those considering Bass Pro to have the facts before signing on the dotted line. That's all I'll say for now.

    Thanks guys.

  8. Door County was nice.

    My wife and I went there two years ago, pre-boat, pretty much on a whim on fourth of July weekend. I saw smallmouth bass in protected areas we weren't allowed to fish and heard of giants in the area. I caught a few small ones and enjoyed the surroundings. Definitely another thought.

  9. Hello all,

    So my wife and I relocated to Illinois three years ago and we have family come out from New Jersey on an annual basis. This year we decided to give the Lake Winnebago region a try and we picked at walleye, bass and rough fish last week. So now that the vacation is over I'm alrady looking at ideas for next year.

    My wife and I own a 17ft aluminum walk-through with 115hp outboard, VHF, GPS plotter, fishfinders, trolling motor, etc. and are looking at places to go next year with the family from New Jersey.

    Thus far, I have these places listed as potential spots to go:

    -Hayward, WI area (Smallmouth bass, walleye and muskie) but a 7 1/2 hour drive for us

    -Mille Lacs Lake, MN (Walleye factory with some good smallies too) but another 7 1/2 hour drive

    -Western Basin of Lake Erie (Walleye and smallies) this is closer for our NJ family but weather can be a big

    factor and I'm not at all familiar with the ports to launch from

    Those are the three I have listed for now. Our family from New Jersey likes salmon trolling (which we normally do on Lake Michigan) but really likes being able to cast lures, bait fish, etc. We enjoyed Lake Winneconne and Lake Poygan up near famed Winnebago but by no means slaughtered the fish. As far as money is concerned, we try to stay within $1000 or less for lodging for four adults for 5 days. Just wondering if you guys had any other suggestions?

    Big smallies, nice walleye or pike would be a treat. Hopefully, we can find a cool spot for next years retreat.

    Thanks all.

  10. Hello all,

    If anyone is looking for a 4ft VHF antenna, I have one for sale. The antenna is a Shakespeare 5400-XT VHF antenna.

    Upon adding a 4ft extension to the antenna, I noticed the coax cable has a small nick in it at about the 9ft mark right where the cable enterd the hole in the console.

    Brand new, the antenna comes with 20ft of coax cable but due to me adding the extension, and where the nick occured, it is it's not really feasible for me to splice the cable as I just might come up a little shore of getting the splice inside my console.

    Without the 4ft extension, I'd have about 5ft to play with and probably be able to reach my radio just fine. The antenna still works, as I tested it the other day. In its present condition, the cable can be used as is, spliced at the 9ft mark or cut at the 9ft mark if the coax reaches the VHF radio.

    Anyone interested let me know. Antenna new costs anywhere from $90 to $140 on the internet and of course Im willing to go less than that.


  11. Anyone who wants to send me a friend request just look up Phil Metz, Palatine, IL. Once your friend request is accepted I'll send you a suggestion to our team page, Team In Too Deep Fishing.

    One more day of real work and then it's time to start prepping for tournaments and making a trip to the Lake Winnebago Chain in Wisconsin for some walleye fishing with my father-in-law from NJ.

    Thanks guys.

  12. Just wondering who here utilizes Facebook?

    I have a personal page and a page for our fishing team and was wondering who might be interested in checking out fishing updates for the western basin of Lake Michigan?

    Seems like with so many sites now a days you can never have enough people to conect with.

    Thanks all.

  13. Hello all,

    Just wondering if anyone felt like chatting tonight at 8p.m. CST?

    There hasn't been a lot of reports on the western side of the lake due to bad weather but maybe this would be a good Q & A session for anyone who has any questions.

    If you decide to chat, I'd say give it a good 10 minutes or so to see if anyone enters the chat. Too many times I see people entered the chat at 8 on the nose and left at 8:01 because they didn't see anyone there.

    Thanks all and good fishing.

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