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  1. They will work but you can't use the jerk style retrieve with them. You can use a stop and go after reaching your target depth.
  2. Depending on the day, you can catch fish with every method....upstream casting, quartering and swinging or straight downstream casting. Now although I haven't fished the Michigan rivers, one thing I really like to do with stickbaits in minimal to moderate current is a hard downward jerking motion followed by a short pause. The jerking motion causes the plug to dive hard, stop and then dive hard again. It really seems to tick off fish that won't hit the standard straight retrieves. I have had my best success with stickbaits for harbor and river salmon and trout by using this downward jerking motion. When standard retrieves aren't working give it a try.
  3. So the cooler actually is a 165qt cooler. I took some quick measurements (not exact) the exterior dimensions are as follows: -39 1/2 inches Long -16 1/2 inches wide -22 1/2 inches high The coller is the standard white and opens both the standard way and also has a little door in the middle, if one does not prefer to open the whole cooler, It also has 4 drink holders built into the top. This cooler was close to $100 new, I'm asking $50 firm. The cooler was only used a few times and now that I have the dog, the front deck is reserved for her and not such a large cooler. Anyone interested pm me and possibly we could meet this week, as I am leaving for NJ very early this coming Saturday and not returning until very late the following Sunday. Thank you.
  4. As of this time, all the downrigger weights are spoken for. If the deal should fall through, I'll let you guys know. Thank you.
  5. Hey guys, I have a few items I'm thinking of selling if anyone is interested. The items are as follows: -128 Quart Igloo Cooler (Purchased last year, this is the big full-sized cooler with both a full opening door and a smaller little door in the middle when there is not a need to open the whole cooler. Now that we have the dog, the cooler just takes up too much space on the front deck.) Purchased for around $70 will sell for $50 -Two 12lb pancake downrigger weights (I'm picking up 15lb ball weights and will not be using the 12lb pancake weights anymore) They go for over $30 a piece but I will sell both for $40 -Two West Marine clamp-on rodholders. Bought the pair new for $40 will sell for $25 -Two 8lb fish weight downrigger weights (Good for early spring fishing) Will sell for $20 If anyone is interested in any of the items feel free to pm me. Most of the items are up at the boat but I could have them by Saturday. Thanks all.
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