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    48 yrs old, Retired from the Army. Trying to learn how to Salmon Fish. Anyone want to help me ???
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    Oconto, WI.
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    Outdoors activities, Hunting,Fishing,Sking,Camping. Riding Motorcycle.
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    Med Retired (U.S .Army)

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  1. 1st Mate Hey everyone. I'm retired from the Military. I live in the Green Bay,WI area. Looking to learn and become a 1st mate on someone's boat. I'm not afraid to start at the bottom. I want to learn. If your willing to train/teach I'm willing to give all my time and attention needed to be successful. If you have s opening, if you can teach, Please give me a call (920) 604-0057. Thank you for even considering. Marcel
  2. The old saying "I bit off more than I can chew". I spent alot of money buying gear for Salmon fishing. I live in the Oconto area. I looking for someone to help me learn the ropes. I'm retired and have to much time on my hands. Would love to work on a Charter Boat to learn....
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