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  1. Ryan thanks a bunch for your effort on this...What would be the cost of nmea2000 ? Sounds like you have a clue on the nmea2000 connections? as long as its blue ends and has male ends to plug in my sonar unit and gps cable correct? Would you also be into rigging me up one,or guiding me through it? Gary

  2. Twill23,nice report and picture...Reminds me of a laker I caught on Torch Lk,a bit over 20lb`s,37"...Had 3 10" lake herring in her gut, and still hit my offering.An 18 chart/silver rapala..Like your pic,I was very impressed at there ability to gorge themselves. Thanks, Gary

  3. I`ve been using my camera-style/flash unit for years.Last night I was on-board a friends boat,and he had a new thingy for sparking up his stuff...I think it was made buy rapala,or berkley not positive on that.Anyway it looked like a costa-delmar sunglass case...Worked awesome,Sun setting , moon rising,One small king for our efforts.East Grand Traverse bay.Marked tons of fish,all depths.A couple more weeks it should be smok`n..See ya out there.

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