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  1. Sat 5/23-Found fish between 130 and 140 fow. S troll worked the best. Mag spoons except 2 wire divers with spinnys.Took 1 fish on BLUE BUBBLE GLO set up back 175'. HC with DOUBLE ORANGE CRUSH and GREEN MUFFIN tookfish.FC with BLUE DOLPHIN GLO BACK and BLACK SCREWBALL were the hottest set ups along with PAPA SMURF 50 down on a rigger! ANACONDA 85' and GREEN DOLPHIN 40' also took fish. Went 16 for 22. 13-Kings 1-Coho 2-Lakers Sun 5/24-Ran the same program and the full cores were the best producers. Had 4 hits on the BLUE BUBBLE GLO set up back 175' to 190'. Only 2 rigger hits? Trolled SE and SW pattern between 130' and 145' worked best. Took this King on the BLUE DOLPHIN GLO BACK. Scale did not work and 7 hours later (on ice) when I got a scale he weighed just under 23lbs. Went 11 for 15. 7-Kings 2-Coho 1-Lakers 1-Steel Mon 5/25 E & W troll-3 /3 all Kings-1-160' & 2 in 110'
  2. Fished Sunday out of Saugatuck for the first trip of the year. Ran only spoons setting up in about 40 fow. First rod in went before I could get number 2 in, King on OGIF SS mag 15 down. could not get another to go inside so headed SW to 140 fow Stayed between that and 80 fow for 9 more fish going 10/14 with 6 Kings and 4 Lakers. 7 off the riggers and 1-5 color (SS Gold orange Chilly mag), 3-10 color (SS Super Screw mag). SS Papa Smurf mag 91 down took 3 hits. Hits on Blue Dolpin,Lemon Ice,Silver green Glo, Lemon Berry, and OGIF again.Water was between 44 and 47 Deg. Direction did not seem to matter, best speed 2.6 to 2.8 sog.
  3. Hey GLF, I will fill in some details for him, Two Browns and a Steelhead,all around 2-3 LBS. The two lost were good fish on the Glo-Grindstone that just came unbuttoned.Others were-One on a half core,Glo-Grindstone,One on a Thin fin on a flat line,and the Steel on an Orange Bomber flat line.Around 40 FOW being the depth.Went out to 110 FOW and came back to the 40 range, nothing going out there for us this time. I tried to post a picture,but the picture was to big, 1.6MB,any tips?
  4. Yes I did see your report. I Was just joking. A nice port to fish out of,except the long river ride:mad: Heading there tonight to fish for a few days. Thanks for the report.
  5. Mt. Baldy, Fishing there recently? :PurpleSpook:
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