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  1. Youv'e got a multitude of choices here depends on how much action/challenge you want light rod means bigger challenge landing a fish. If you don't have any gear start with a medium action and go from there. Vist tackle shops near the water you want to fish and see what they're selling the most of to other anglers. And when you go fishing check out others gear and see what they're successfully using. Most guys will be glad to help and maybe even give you a fly/hook or whatever bait is working for them.
  2. Is anyone fishing the estuary yet ? was thinking of hitting it this weekend starting in Port Ontario.
  3. True that but it still was nice to finally hook up after three trips of no fish.
  4. Rookie here brother-in law owns the Sara Mae and is nice enough to take me out. One good King today in just two hours that's all my gut could handle, just a little bumpy. Taken at 90 over 105 on a green and white.
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