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  1. Four of us Pulled 18 walleyes sat off huron city 8.30am to 2pm in 30 fow running 1.7 2.0mph with chartuse and green harness. Fish slowed down bitting around 12:00 when wind switch to east. What a hoot though. O btw I found an experinced fisherman to learn from (you guys are right:thumb:)that is the best way to learn. Had some pic's of to two 6 pounders but buddy didn't hit save on my phone:( O well got a little crowded out there for a while when they kept seeing the net come down but thats weekend fishing.
  2. Thanks guy's I guess I sould have been more "pacific". By pointe aux barqus I ment lighthouse park between grindstone and port hope. My Plan for going out was to learn some things and stay close to shore in front of the willow creek mouth which is about a mile north of the ramp and lighthouse. According to the nautical charts there's some nice reefs there that I thought where intresting. (Like 15'to30') Few years back my buddy and I went out on his boat drifting and ran into a few walleye and lots of Bass in that same area. The bottom is very rocky which is pretty cool to explore it self withit's Huge flat shale rocks and Cracks, caves that look bottomless. Plus the ramps a few miles from my house. I am very intrested in the dyi of the harnesses, I injoy making gear. Thank you guys sorry for the confussion of location (The lighthouse is named PointeAuxBarqus) Changed some of my things up and plan on heading out this evening God willing.
  3. K thank you guys for the help. I was just intersted in the mini divers thought they where neat and was wanting to fig them out. The guy at the bait shop. Kinda look at me like i was crazy for doing what I was doing with them. Frank sorry if you toke my reply the wrong way. Was NOT meant too seam like I was trying to wright off your knowlegde or experince. That way does sound good since I have lots of lead and swivils and there cheap to replace. As far as the 6lb to 15lb ratio ya doesn't make too much since does it. Now I'll just lurk here until I'm a better fisherman.
  4. Like I said I have no field experince at all in trolling just know what I've read and most fisherman are slow for anserwers. I guess this is what I have to work with for the time being mostly cuz I liked the consept in the store with no fore thought or research. That is a beautful area. And with all the shallow shoals theres not many 40' cabin crusers trying to drowned you like by Port Hope and Harbor Beach. Thank you for your insight
  5. Thank you guys for the warm welcome This seams like a warm and nice forum. Good work all you guys and girls keeping it clean and knowlegable.
  6. Headed out yesterday around 1 pm on my 16 foot boat and 8 horse mariner. She "rezembals" a '57 dodge my dad says with her fins on the back. Anyway headed strait to the bell bouy then about 30' of water headed dew north and setup trolling speed. I'm a novice at trolling btw. Any how Had my 2 poles setup with big jon mini divers a 4 foot leader of 6lb test mono, and a crawlerharness (chartruse with a rainbow hollowgram) . I asked the guy i bougth the tackle from a little about getting them to depth. And he told me to let out about 150ft of line and watch for bottom( he told me the rod tip would bounce when it skipped rock) So when i set my poles up i guess I brain farted and marked the line at 150yrds(:eek:IDK) but any how the first pole I was setting up before I could let out that (redickulus amount of of line) Hooked a fish a 14" bass. Released the fish and Then I found out that the line was out to far. So i worked that out. Hooked another fish (another bass (saw it jump)) And my leader broke so tied another on and the line of that leader kept twisting to the point that the line was only about 2' long. So my questions are. How far about does the diver have to be back to reach max, Is the barrel snap on the lure side of the leader making the line spin like that, and is 6 lbs heavy enough for the leader ( the harness line is heaver than my leader line). Thank you. p.s. I went out to try and figuare out some tactics of trolling using divers I was alone so only had 2 poles. Ended up with 3 hooked fish (bass) only one of those landed. And 3 bass drift fishing all between 15 and 30 fow. And most of all some expr.
  7. Hello again I new here and would like to take moment too say a few things about me. I would call my self a experianced river , pier, rocky shallows fisherman. Accessing my favorite spots by canoe or wading. I learned most of my river fishing skills by fishing the spring bounty of smallies and pike on Huron County's Willow creek aka (the cement bottom river)as a teen. When access to the mouth of that stream became a hassle I started fishing the rock beds of lake huron. Which is also alsome. I recently bought a 16' boat with a 8 horse outboard. The boat is sea worthy and I have had fun drift fishing but with little success. So I want to start trolling shallow water to maybe pick up some walleye's or bass or for that matter what ever's hungry. I bought a couple heavy poles with heavy spinning reels, two crank cannon down riggers, some random lures and a bunch of hooks weights snaps. At a garage sale for 30 bucks. I don't have a place for the down riggers yet so I bought from a store 2 big jon divers they say "dives to 30 feet" on them. Tied them on the 2 poles I bought put 4' leader on the diver and plan on running crawler harness on them or maybe some of those lures I bought. I guess If that don't work then I'll go back to drift fishing. O I plan on fishing the mouth of the willow in about 10 to 20' of water. O I also forgot to tell you guys and girls I'm a novice to trolling. but what the hell maybe I learn somthing. Thanks every one.
  8. Thats really cool will be looking forward to taking my nefews down to port huron and showing them the fish. A little of topic but my dad use to take me to the aquarium on belle isle as a kid. Great memories. Really like the idea of having the native fish on display.
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