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  1. Steve, I have had boat issues since I have been here on July 1. Waiting for repair. From every one I have talked to fishing is on the slow side. They are getting some lake trout 30 degrees off the light house about 4 miles out. The surface temps are still cooler with 65 degrees being the best found in shallower water. Therefore walleye have not shown up in any great numbers yet. I did get out last night with my brother-in-law for about 3 hours and we managed to pick up 3 walleye. We were fishing for suspended lake trout and salmon though. Regular sized spoons on a dipsey set 120 back on #3, a full core and a half core. Colors were reg. mongoose SS, Magnum white cracked ice with red head SS and reg. black raspberry SS. Obviously not much of a pattern
  2. I will be vacationing there from 7/1 to 7/12. I will let you know what we find.
  3. Nice Job! We did (2) 2-man limits trolling with harnesses off dowriggers 25'-30' down and in-line boards with 1.oz wgts back 80' Sat. and Sun. Chartruese or Orange blades seemed the best. 3-4lb. fish. Great eaters.
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