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  1. Well it's good to hear that they will be handing out a survey in the captains bags this year. My only question is, what about the boats that don't fish it this year do to the rules. Their opinion and concerns are still not being heard and they are the ones that will keep this tournament alive. I struggle with supporting a tournament where some of the the committee members have their own agendas and are unwilling to listen to the masses. The only reason I may end up fishing the tournament is do to it being our home marina and port, the rest of my team decides they want to fish it, and the fact that one committee member has tried really hard to get things changed but was not been listened to and he asked that we give it one more year before we stop fishing it. I can say my vote for my team is that if the fishing is still really good come Aug we save our money and only fish the 333. If the fishing is really tough then we will fish it.
  2. My vote if given the option to vote for this would be a catch 12 weigh 12. Even though we did not catch our 5 fish on the first day last year I don't like the only weighing in 5 fish. The Muskegon tournament is going to the same format this year and we will not be running that tournament do to that reason. It's not worth the time and money to go to a different port to fish for 5 fish. The only reason we are thinking of fishing the Big Red this year is cause it's our home port.
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