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  1. 1st off... If you are fishing tournaments to make a buck, you are in it for the wrong reasons and should give up tournaments all together. I am a charter fisherman first and fish tournaments out of necessity (sponsor exposure). We have won a few pro tournaments on the trail over the last two years and have very little to show for it (monetary-wise), except for a solid resume for potential sponsors. Tournaments, as they stand now, are for fun and bragging rights... not for monetary gain. If you'd like to enter a tournament where the potential prize equals the entry fee plan a trip to mexico... http://www.bisbees.com/
  2. Results from last weekend's Pro/AM in Michigan City... Results from Michigan City Coho Club Pro/Am April 29, 2006 Pro: 1. Quick Release 2. Fuzzy Bear 3. Blue Fairways 4. Hunter 5. Dreamweaver Am: 1. Y Knot 2. Nocturnal 3. Salmon Hawk 4. Den Svensken 5. Fish On
  3. I think it would be a great addition. There are a few other discussion boards that have some tourney talk, but I don't know if any has a section specifically for tournaments.
  4. I would suggest the 2006 Tournament Trail magazine. It's widely circulated at all the tournament ports. For more info try www.tournamenttrail.net
  5. That's at Abrahamson Marina... What boat did you fish on? Nice catch btw...
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