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  1. Due to wife's poor health I got rid of everything and had to down size.  Fished out of a friends boat for a number of years and now I'm back to fishing out of my boat.  The only good part is I got to buy everything I  really want not what I could afford while raising a family and all the fun stuff that makes life worth while.  Millertime2016  Moby Dick was a minnow when I started fishing.  I am old.  Going to be 70 soon.  Don't get out as much and if NOAA says anything in the 2 to 3 ft. waves.  Tomorrows another day.





















  2. I switched from blacks to chamberlain. So far it hasn't exactly worked as advertised. I set the setting on the top tightened all the way and have the other setting pretty loose and if i load up the rod it'll pop. I'm not exactly sure what i'm missing here. How many turns out are you guys fishing with your chamberlains on the magnetic portion?

    Danthebuilder What I did was when I had the boat out of the garage I put a rod in the rod holder set it like I was fishing with the downrigger ball on. I set the chamberlain tension from the rod to the release and than from the release to the lure. All done in the driveway. Been using them for about 3 years. Blacks are great but chamberlain are the next step up.:thumb:

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