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  1. Yes i guess my post was misleading.

    Im not replacing my full core or copper, Im asking what new ones i should get?

    Should i go with 2 more cores? Say a 5 color and a 3 color? or a 7 color instead of the 3?

    Or should i get a short copper? Theres jus so many possibilities my heads spinning.

    I'd start by adding rods that will be far from what you already own. In other words, have big gaps in depth achieved. So if it were me, I'd go with a 5 color or 300' of 45lb copper.

  2. I also use the Palomar knot for all connections to swivels. I use the Albright knot for leadcore.

    Exact same program here too. I use Trilene big game 20lb for riggers. Good line at an inexpensive price. I get it at Walmart.

  3. This is a question I have had as well. So are you guys saying you've had better luck trolling into, with or across the currents?

    Every day is different for me. Find what they want by experimenting. Once it's narrowed down, stick to it until it quits working!

  4. This past year I tried to run my 300' of copper off of my walleye boards and the board would hardly drag that far out and the board would almost be buried underwater, is this really to much weight for the walleye board to handle?


    Did you try moving the adjustable counter weight on the bottom of the board? This will make a big difference. We run 300' of 45lb off walleye boards with no problem.

  5. Copper and lead are stealth presentations. I like to keep them at least 150' back from the board. So my program consists of lead up to 5 colors, then I switch to 150' of (45lb) copper up to 300'.

    So in a nutshell, I like your idea. :thumb:

  6. I have bought heartlands beofore and know they are a decent rod but the price on them is now more than the shimano TDRs. So in looking at a couple new rods for the boat i am considering the wilderness rods or the tdrs. I would like to hear opinions on these two rods please.

    Both are good. I run both.

  7. I am going to retie all of my fly leaders. What length do you guys use for 8" SD's and Pro-Trolls and 11" paddles?

    I like a lot of "whip" to my flies. Behind an 8" spin doctor I run an 18" leader to the head of the fly.

  8. Part of leadcore's seductive appeal is it's ability to "snake" through the water. With a shorter leader, you're transferring much more of the leadcore's movement to the business end of the presentation. On more than one occasion I've cut back my leader during a trip (especially if theres some wave action) and immediately begun to see improved results.

    20-25' leader for me.

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