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  1. Here is a nice board my wife and I did in Islmorada Fl Keys. I think we were 20 for 23 on Dolphin and black fin tuna. I hooked about a 70# Amberjack but I lost him hook line and sinker to a 12' shark Sandy came unglued and that was the end of our trip!
  2. The biggest "boot" we landed was just north of Port Sanilac on Memorial Day. Pulling 7 colors of lead over the humps in front of the trailer park. 17.3 pounds on a clean SS Monkey Puke.
  3. My name is Mike, my home port is Port Sanilac-Lexington, my boat is Songdog. (I'm not a musician, I like shooting coyotes in the off season.) I approach my salmon fishing with a certain amount of vigor and attention to detail. These things are important when you are dragging spoons in Southern Lake Huron. I look forward to sharing info with this group. You can find me posting on other popular salmon forums.
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