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  1. Heavy NW winds are going to keep most of us off the water until Sunday, but there are going to be plenty of fish right in the mud when it finally lets up. The normal plugs will produce all day long, glow til sunrise, white for an hour or two, then chromes. See you in the mud!
  2. Love the Rapture's....Oceana, Wild Fern, No see um....Need I say more? Captain Mike Retriever Sportfishing
  3. There is cold water in much closer right now, but the fish still seem to be hanging out in 130-180 and another band in 215-230. Maybe they will get the memo that they are supposed to be staging the pier heads soon.... Captain Mike Retriever Sportfishing
  4. Hello all! My name is Mike Piechocki and I run my 31' Tiara out of the beautiful port of Grand Haven. Best of luck to all of you out on the water!
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