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  1. They actually just had a die off of smallmouth bass, DNR suspects it wasn't VHS. They studied the fish and said it was due to bacteria. I've been fishing Lake St. Clair a lot and haven't seen any red spotty VHS on any of the fish, so that's a good sign. It's kind of scary because VHS could possibly screw up the eco system you know.
  2. I like the Rapala minnow spoon, good for pike and smallmouth bass. Weedless too. Lake St. Clair really isn't too bad in deep spots so you really don't have to worry about the weeds. But if you fish it shallow, that's when the weedless pin makes the lure great.
  3. There's the eleven mile tower area and also the clinton river mouth area. Used to be a lot more areas when I was growing up, but now they have them all sectioned off. You kind of need a boat to fish some of these areas.
  4. Cool vid, looks like you went through a little chaos to catch a few. The one looked like a good size catch.
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