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  1. Really enjoyed your You-Tube video's! Bringing the family up for a week from the 18th-25th for the first time. Hope the bite is still on!!! My kid and I love to do the video-thing as well. Trying to figure out a way to attach a FlipCam to tape the fish as we net them (wife says she doesn't want to sit in a boat all day and videotape for us!).
  2. Great! Hows the bite been lately? Other sites are saying its been pretty good. Taking the whole family up for the week (listed above) and hoping to get into a few. What's the water temperature up there right now? How much colder is Big Bay than Little (hoping to spend at least one day on Big Bay while we're up there)?
  3. Any good guesses to when the alewive invasion will occur in Little Bay this year? Spending the week of June 18-25th on the Bay and wondering what I should expect??? Drisc
  4. Hey guys, looking to head to the Bay for the first time...ever! Have done Detroit River and Erie, but new up here. Will be coming from Mount Pleasant area (Coldwater Lake) around Memorial Day, and looking for quickest way to get on the water and on some fish. I was there last weekend (daughters tennis tourney in Essexville) and did some scouting and found a launch right near the mouth, just upstream of a marina (forget the name...???). Is that the best one? Any ideas on good launch and more likely bite? Don't mind driving a few extra miles but closer is always better. Oh, and how far away from boat are you guys running your in-lines? On Erie we've got to run them back quite away from boat to get bit (at times). Does anyone try vertical jigging or cast and retrieve when you find a pod (my preferred methods if fish co-operate). One more thing. Talked to a guy at Bay City Archery who said the fish kinda travel in a counter-clockwise motion throughout the year where they head toward the thumb after the spawn and end up toward Tawas by late summer...I assume following cold water/baitfish, much like Erie migration east. Any truth to that? If so, what is the normal time table for that movement? Taking a week off around mid-June and would like to chase 'em hard then. Thanks ahead for the time and will report how I do! Drisc
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