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  1. Some photos are posted in the gallery of recent Lake O Kings.
  2. Thanks guys... I can probably dredge up photos of some mid 30's kings. Largest I've had over the past few years has only been about 29 lbs, many in the 22-25 lb range though. Out of all the charters I've worked and hours I logged fishing this lake, the largest I ever had come aboard a boat I was on is 36 lbs, quite amazing considering what others have caught.
  3. Another Lake O fisherman onboard the site. I've been trolling the lake since 1980 when I was 10 yrs old. Fished mainly Sodus area until 1986 when I started working for various captains out of Oak Orchard to get thru HS and College. Continued at the Oak thru the 90's with my dad and periodic fill-in as a mate, eventually bought my Dad's old boat and moved it to Irondequoit Bay in 2005. Looking forward to another year!
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