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  1. I like the orange dipsy from the surface down to 40 ft. and then kelly green ,black, and crushed glow white for the deeper presentations.
  2. yes,I had to reset the top tranducer temp setting it was off about 4 degrees. my lowarance sonar was always reading hotter than the fishhawk one. the probe seems to be alright. I have the new x-4 system. its very easy to recalabrate,just hit the set button till the parameter you want to set comes up and use the up and down arrows to change the reading.
  3. is there a difference in blow back of the rigger balls between a 10 lb. tru- track style ball and a 10 lb. pancake style ball?
  4. instead of putting the twilli tip on the rod has anyone just put a titanium tip top on instead,that way you wont have the excessive drag of the twilli-tip spring.
  5. I figured I have the rod already and just have to buy the twilli tip. has anyone tried or knows anyone that uses the jr's tackle 8.6 rod for wire dipsy,they have titanium guides and the price is cheaper than a quailty roller rod.
  6. do you guys think if I put a twilli tip on a diawa firewolf 9.6 heavy rod and use it for a wire line dipsy will I get a few seasons out of it before the guides are shot? anyone try this .
  7. fishlander were my go to spoons,but know that they out of business I have been getting warriors. use stingers also.
  8. this is my 4th season in the boat. fished from shore since the 70s", but most of the shore spots are gone,and the slit and lake levels have changed so much since the 70s the spots are filled with sand or are only 3 ft deep. after the first year fishing the lake in a boat I know know why its called a great lake. nothing like hearing the drag getting peeled off a dipsy rod, fish on.
  9. been out ice fishing a lot earlier this year but not open water in the boat. with this warm weather I am going to be uncovering the boat and starting up the outboards real soon. Ive heard reports of cohos at gary light house in Indiana. I usually just fish out of wilmette and may take a trip in mid april to waukegan for perch and browns by the warm water discharge area.they dont get the piers in in evanston,wilmette area till first week of May.
  10. stumbled across site a few days ago. great site with lots of info. another small boat lake michigan fisherman. my boat a lund 1800 fisherman. fish the wilmette evanston area on the west side of lake michigan by chicago. a common run for me out here is about 6-7 miles for 60 ft of water.
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