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  1. I got excited about the 44s last year and got 4...They run ok with 450 coppers and not too bad if you keep your 300 coppers close to the boat...however our loss ratio running them on 200 coppers was horrible...I couldn't get them to the boat fast enough...Lots of tension from rod to board and very little on fish.

  2. Don't feel too bad...If those skunky trips have come recently you are not alone. We fished from 35 fow to 210 fow this Saturday and went 2 for 5...And we were in the Steelheaders tournament. I think we finished 16 out of 17 boats. It was a tough weekend at the southern end of the lake. You may want to talk to some guys that really know how to fish lake trout just to get some action going.

  3. Well, I wasn't planning on fishing this weekend, but I started to see everyone posting pictures of HUGE kings and numbers better than we have seen since May and I had to jump in....that and the lake was supposed to be flat flat flat, so we had to try to get my son William out there (he is 4). We didn't kill em, but we got 3 and William got to catch, with a little help, his first steelhead. Fished with my Dad and my son...awesome...Thank you Scottie for all your help. Could not have done it without you there.

    120-140 fow was where we did the most damage. Went 3 for 4, one took a rip and was not home. 3 of the 4 hits were on 300 copper with a mag green and blue ladder back uv silver streak spoon (not sure the name). Other one was on a meat rig 190 back on a mag diver on 1, green with black dots and a big weenie setup.


  4. Longer leads will catch more fish no matter what speed you are going.

    I don't think I run anything less than 48-54 inches on my flies.

    Factory leads are way too short (IMO), especially for big boards.

    You have GOT to be having fun catching kings that fast....do you have to slow down to land them?

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