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  1. Mike, The rocket launcher looks great!! We need to talk about getting a few more rod holders up top though! Shoot me an email if you got some better ideas about the net holders, we are always looking for some good feedback from the field. Probably a bit late, I see you were looking for another guy on your boat and I am always up for a Salmon "road trip" and you can come down to Erie for Walleye any time you'd like. TopDawg, You can order then vertical rod holders to any angle you would like. Standard is 25 degrees. Mike Reel Nappy
  2. Fishing out of Erieau a couple of weeks ago and purple spoons (Stinger Happy Hooker and Supermuffin and Ole Petes Tackle blueberry muffin) was hot and then just after noon everything orange was the ticket. We ranged our speed about 2.3 mph or so. If you have fished Salmon there is really no difference for Steelies except I keep the spoons size to 3 1/4" - 3 3/4" and keep the lure depth a bit higher. I would start off with anything orange and then swap it out from there. Reports out of Wheatley have some guys with almost 30 hook ups a day going on right now. Mike Reel Nappy
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