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  1. thanks for the advice Tight Line, I was out on lake north fork this past week end to try to learn how to operate and program thest digi troll 4s had them mounted on 9inch ginbel mounts ,and they seemned to be to mutch for the gunnels I had to place a piece of plywood under the mounts to keep the bolt heads from hitting the gunnel I had nightmares about what if I had the booms extended and ten lb balls what would have happened????fluistered in the ozarks Carlton
  2. down here in the ozarks the walleye run is the same time that the sucker snagging season is. I have seen some mighty big walleye snagged and put in the cooler,and if the snaggers dont get them the fish and game dept shocks them and milks them down they say that they will bring them back but I have yet to see them do it ,they wont let you fish up in the river after 6 oclock, this year has been bad all the lakes are about twenty feet high you cant even find a ramp to put in you just back it in any where, but when I get this lund set up with these riggers I am going to go after them get the skil;let hot. I was over on table rock lake a few weeks ago all the fish were 75 to 125 deep looked like that was where the shad were, thermocline was between 45 and 50 feet . come on down and show us hill billeys how its done carl (dogfish)
  3. Threads , thanks for your input to my question and thanks to the rest of you that have offerd advice, I already have three of the four downriggers that I had planned to put on this boat"but it seems that every thing I start to do on it I run into another situation,i.e it has places for gimbel mounts but wheh I stick these downriggers in them and rock them a little the gunnel seems to give to mutch, so I said to heck with the gimbel mounts I will just mount them to the gunnels with sone reinforcing blocks under the gunnels, wrong I should have looked first. I said sompthing to my wife about getting one of those mounting rails like you have when she ask how mutch they cost and I told her I am now sleeping in the boat in the barn. thanks carl(dogfish) [email protected]
  4. what would be the best set up for 4 digitroll 4 s on a 1850 lund tyee s/p??? I am in southwest missouri on the missouri and arkansas line ,I will be fishing lakes bull shoals,north fork, table rock & beaver. thanks carl (dogfish)
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