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  1. I have a 6300# Cap. Tandem Axle Roller Trailer w/ Electric Winch, Tilt Bed, New Paint Job, Freshly Packed Wheel Bearings, New Lights, good tires, tongue jack, etc... This trailer is completely Highway Ready. It had a 25' Cruisers Inc. on it. The boat went bye bye and the trailer is now available. Winch tower is adjustable to allow boats 22-26' long. I have pictures available and can email them to you if intersted. Email address is below. I have it for sale now for $1400.00 OBO It is located in Algoma, WI 54201. Where are you located?? [email protected] -- Aron Thomas AKA Little Nemo
  2. The Bloody Nose Fishlander Spoon in Regular and Glow and Regular size and Magnum size out produced every spoon on the boat last season for us on every rig we used it on. Riggers, Boards w/LC, Dipsies, ETC... Love em!!! Great action in the water and fish couldn't seem to leave them alone!! :grin
  3. Hey Jenny Ann, I found my way over here about a month ago. It seems like a nice site. I agree that we will have to start the posts for our side of the lake. I fish out of Algoma, WI. I beleive we have seen each other at the Kewaunee Offshore Challenge last year and possibly the Algoma Challenge?? Best wishes with your new boat. I should stop down in Kewaunee someday and take a look at her. Sounds nice. I haven't got mine out of the barn yet but will within the next week or so weater permitting. Later, Little Nemo
  4. Willie Bee, The 08' Brown Trout action is going strong up here in Algoma. A friend of mine said he counted 60+ empty boat trailers in the Marina Parking lot on Saturday Afternoon the 29th of March 2008. I was at the Manitowoc Home Show all weekend working my booth, and think I saw a glimpse of you or someone wearing one of your Willie Bee jackets and was going to try to introduce myself to you but I got busy talking to a customer and you disappeared. (If it was you). I have heard good reports of decent catches of 5-12 fish and fish in the 5-13 pound range is what I have heard so far. With occasional pier anglers getting lucky too! All of the ice is out of the Algoma Marina and Harbor but there is a lot of ice left in the upper river that will probably break loose soon with all the rain we got. That may jamb things up in the river mouth for a few days but time will tell. Good fishing to you down there this season.
  5. By the way. Thanks for the welcomes everyone. It is a great site. One of the many I will frequent. Look forward to learning and contributing in anyway I can. Little Nemo
  6. Hey YooperDad, I was raised in Newberry MI. So I am a Yooper Blooded Guy Too. My parents said you guys are getting pounded up there with one heck of a storm today ya der hey, HEHE !!!!! The fish really turned on for us about early to mid June last year and were fantastic right thru the summer with a small slow down for a week or so around the 4th of July but then they came right back with a vengance. Usually by the second week in May I am out there hunting them down and if no luck will try to pop a few lakers or browns in close if they are still hanging out. Rainbows and Cohos were pretty good for us too last year in the early part of the summer/late spring when the water was still cool in close and the water stayed cool for quite a while into mid to late summer. Look us up when you get over this way. Shoot me an email before you come. I am always glad to share info and have a lot of friends here that are the same way. Little Nemo
  7. I posted my location and a picture of the boat at work! Picture was taken 3 years ago. Quite a bit has change since that picture but for the most part it still looks like it. Man I need to go fishin' after seeing that!! Little Nemo
  8. Hi Guys. Just found the site due to a You Tube video I just watched from the 07' Dreamweaver Tourney. Looked like a good time over there. The credits had the website address in them and I had to come and check it out. So I signed up right away. Maybe I can learn something new from you guys. Looks like most of you are from the MI side am I correct?? We are getting pump for the 08' season over here. I fish out of Algoma, WI in a 19' Cruisers Inc. An Oldie but a Goodie! And she gets the job done. The ice is out of the marina and harbor here and they are slaying the Browns like crazy right now. Some have been getting out for about 3-4 weeks already. Sliding the smaller boats across the ice. Crazy I know! Anyway, nice site by the looks of it so far. Look forward to chatting with you all and trading some stories soon. Later, Little Nemo My Moto; "The fish make ALL the rules, we just have to figure them out. They also change them quite frequently!!" Fish On!!
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