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  1. Been there, done that. My heart goes out to ya! Very difficult thing to have to do. Hang in there!
  2. Would this boat with a 25 HP 4 stroke be safe enough for some inshore trolling on Lake Ontario? It is a pretty deep boat. Thanks.
  3. Here's a relatively simple log: http://www.nodakoutdoors.com/media/printable-fishing-log.pdf
  4. Welcome Erbyjoe. Will be fishing Ontario for the 1st time May 6 & 7 on Double Trouble Charters. Is yours a charters service also? "My book is always open".
  5. DANG!!! Great post and lots of info. Thank you
  6. Unfortunately the Insane Commonwealth of MASS. Home of Kennedy, Kerry, and just plain Krazyness. Will be fishing Ontario for the 1st time this May.
  7. Just signed in here. Have never fished any of the Great Lakes until this year. Have a charter scheduled for Lake Ontario 6&7 May aboard Double Trouble Charters out of Altmar, NY. Something I have wanted to do for years. Any of you lakers from that region know about this particular charter service. I'm hoping to get into som big browns or walleye that time of year. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm from Massachusetts but I love the Lakes Region. Have along the shores of Ontario a couple of times. Looking forward to reading more posts and to watching this forum site grow. Good luck to the one that started it.
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