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  1. Learning a lot here about copper sets up! Great info here. It appears that due to how copper ties or doesn't knot well, you are using swivels in (#8 spro) and are winding them into your reel. Also I have learned I must not be setting my boards back far enough behind the boat. I currently have a pair of the yellow"Off Shore" brand inlines. If I get another pair should I stay with the same brand or is it better to have one brand closer to boat and another make/brand farther out?
  2. Thanks for all the input here. Looks like, after reading here... I need to get some copper in my spread. A few questions on the copper: Do I set them out first on boards, or wait until riggers, dipsy's are out then go over the top? Is it best to have a roller rod for copper? What size rod? When setting out multiple boards per side, how far between boards and how close is your closest board to the boat? Knots for backing... double uniknot? Thanks Tim
  3. My typical set up has been a full core down the chute, downriggers on each corner with or without sliders, then a low mag diver on braid each side then a high regular diver on braid each side. When I try to run boards as well usually trouble develops. I use the off-shore yellow boards with anything from a mono flat line to a 5 color off those, again... that's where the trouble starts tangles etc. My new boat I just got is much wider than the one I have been using for years. I have not fished it yet so looking for opinions as to best line set. I have been reading here some guys using up to 3 long line each side... Wow, I'd be scared to death but I must be doing something wrong with my lines. How are you guys setting those up? My best fish catcher has been the dipsys... My boat does have outriggers so if they are a factor here let me know. Thanks, Tim
  4. Rascal... The boat was for sale all summer in Ludington. The marina it was kept in was the one with the lodge/pool, pretty close to the S.S. Badger. Almost afraid to say what I paid for this boat for fear I could be arrested for being a thief lol. Owner wanted it gone badly, I think being so close to that coal ferry (SS Badger) didn't help with selling it, always black coal dust on the boats. Paid high teens..... You can google "Ludington Pro Line" and there are still old ads with pics. I need to figure how to add pictures from my phone on here, unfortunately not so technically gifted. Regarding the Outriggers... still not sure what to do with them. I defintately need to turn the mounts 180 degrees. Right now the way they are mounted they angle towards the stern when deployed and will get in the way of any diver action. I flipped one already and now it angles forward slightly, and leaves plenty of room for netting or setting in Dipsy's. My old set up was 10 color lead center, downriggers on each corner, and then two dipsy's each side for total 7 lines. Trying to figure new set for this boat trying to add some line minimizing headaches and tangles. Input greatly appreciated
  5. Thanks for the info on the bank! Yep looking at the map seem like it could attract lots of fish/fisherman. Fortunately my work schedule (cop) allows me off time during the week. I usually try to avoid any weekend trips to the lake as best I can and try for mid week. Anybody ever go West. into the Bay? I was talking to some guys last fallat the boat landing... October 5/6 or so, these guys were catching salmon out of the Bay! I had always wanted to try the Bay for walleye/perch but these guys had some nice fish...
  6. KJ, I have heard the "bank" mentioned a few times in regards to Sturgeon Bay. Any details on this?
  7. I have boards, run them occasionally. Interested as to how you guys set them up. Lately For us, dipsys on braid have been our best producer. I run 2 per side, was wondering if anyone out there runs 3 per side or is that just asking for trouble with tangles?
  8. Thanks on the congrats on the new boat. Bought it in October, it was docked in Ludington, MI. My son and I piloted it across the lake in some not so smooth water to it's new port... Sturgeon Bay WI. This is a new area for us, used to Bailey's Harbor or Algoma, but want to also use it to fish the Green Bay for perch/walleye.
  9. Got a new boat this fall, a Pro Line 3250! this is quite a bit bigger than my Lund. I had been fishing. My usual line set up has been 10 color in center, of transom, Downriggers on each corner, then 2 dipsys each side set at 1 and 3. Total 7 lines, beam about 6-7 feet. The new boat has Downriggers in each corner and the beam is 11ft. It also has out riggers on each side. I have never used any outriggers before... Anyone have any ideas as to how I should rig this for fishing? Thanks
  10. Hi Tim, I used to stay at Pier 42 for many years in the late 80's and 90's on vacation. I know Kodiak and quite a few of the charter guys there too. Algoma was one of my favorite ports for fishing and fun, is the bar/restaurant still going? If time and gas prices permit, I'm coming back someday. Say hi to the guys for me. Thanks. Ed.

  11. I'm thinking we were probably burning up our line by not lubricating it enough while tying. You could see the mono stretch a bit and starting to fray. Sounds like I need to go back to the Palomar knot, especially with the new braid. I still need to buy some flourocarbon, sounds like #20 for leadcore leads and then #40 for f/f leads dipseys etc. Sound about right?
  12. mono #30 trilene xl for dipsys.... just bought #50 power pro to put on those. Mono #20 trilene xl for downriggers, bought some new #25 and #30 mono to replace those. trilene biggame new line. I have been using the #30 mono for leaders as well but thinking about buying some flourocarbon. Any suggestions appreciated.
  13. Lost a lot of gear last couple years due to line breaks. Wondering what knots guys use. What are you using for your leaders and what knots are you tying. Palomar knot was killing me as was standard fishermans knot on mono. Thinking about the Trilene knot this year. For leadcore to leader Willis or Albright? I was going to change my dipsys to braid this year. Question? Tying braid direct to dipsy or using some sort of leader.
  14. Guys, I appreciate the info and the time you have spent educating me on the sport. I am getting close to pulling the trigger on buying my rod/reel combos. I will describe my basic plan, if you can add to fill in the details please do. I will probably run 4-8 line depending on the situation etc. (currently have 4 downriggers) 1. 4 - downrigger rods/reels - 8'6" medium heavy rods with Okuma Magda Pro 30Dx reels. Around $200 bucks new off EBAY. 2. 2 - Dipsy diver set-ups. These run a little taller? 9'-9'6"? Heavier action rod" Same type reel? 3. Lead/copper cores. I was thinking of setting up 2 with 2-3 colors on them and 2 more either half or full core set-ups. These are shorter rods? again medium heavy? It is more important to have line oounters on these and the dipsies than on the downriggers. Suggestions? 4. Need balls and boards. Will be fishing primarily Superior, Bayfield, Ashland area, maybe Aloma on Lake Michigan. I should definately get balls all of same weight 8, 10, or 12lbs? Planer board make/model suggestion?
  15. When you say you run 2-3 colors for browns in the spring..... ? Does your pole only have that many colors on it? or are you using a 5, 10 color core but only letting 2-3 out?
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