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  1. Thank you for sharing these brand names. I actually looking for Cannon and Scotty because everyone advising me to have one of them.
  2. Here is the link of electric downrigger of Scotty 1101 with their discount so can you tell is the discount is legit or not ! Thank you in advance. https://www.ckwstore.com/scotty-1101-depthpower-30-boom-electric-w-holder-swivel/
  3. Hello fellow anglers! I'm relatively new to the world of fishing and I'm in the market for a new electric downrigger. While browsing, I came across CKW Store, a newly opened opened that's currently offering some tempting discounts. I'm torn between taking advantage of these deals at CKW or opting for a downrigger from more established stores that might not have discounts. I'd greatly appreciate the insights and recommendations from the experienced anglers on this forum. What are your thoughts on the trade-off between discounts at a newer store like CKW and the reliability of more established outlets? Your suggestions are welcome. Your guidance will be invaluable as I make this decision for my fishing setup. Thanks in advance! Downrigger, Electric Downrigger
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