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  1. You're right on, Fish Hawk has been bought out by Nature Vision,,,they also own Aqua View cameras. I have contacted them recently about a repair issue that I need for my Fish Hawk. They told me that they are about to introduce a brand new probe,that will be much smaller than the original,and will have a depth capability of 300' Bad news is they are not sure if this new technology can be retrofitted into the older probes!! Sounds like a marketing strategy to me!!! T290.....aka Frank
  2. Hello Mike, Going back about 10-years I was sub-contracting work from a millshop in the far western suburbs by the name of Prefrred Millwork. My vender name in their computor was T-290, and it kinda stuck !! Could've been worse!!
  3. Lombard, Il. (Lilac Village)Western Suburbs of the big Windy !! 18 min.to the lake with a tail wind!!
  4. Hello to all ,I'm a new member to this site as of today ! I've already recognized a few names from other GLA sites! I'm looking forward to the upcoming season on the Great Lakes with our new/used 1990 Starcraft Islander. Also reading and sharing informative information on subjects/topics on our Great Lakes ! Thanks, Frank
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