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  1. Headed out for the first time this year, with my wife Deanna and some new fishing buddies Ryan and Dan (Team "We Pound 'Em"). It was great weather and we managed 5 kings and one brown. Caught one king on a 10 colour with a blue green dolphin nailer and all the others came in on a SWR with a DW SS blue mongoose in 90 FOW.Biggest fish was 17.5lbs.

    Here are some pic's of the day.







  2. What material are those bags made out of? Looks like windshield vinyl. The only thing that would concern me with that is condensation building up inside and not able to breath. Otherwise I am interested. Thanks.

    They are made of coated canvas and clear vinyl. The pockets are not air tight so if you left it in the sun they would dry out.



  3. I run the Church walleye boards now instead of the big boards. I run 10 colour core with no problem. But I started to run the size 45 and 65 Walker deeper divers off them, because my father doesn't like to wind in all the core.


  4. One of my best producing spoons this year on Erie for walleye's and bow's was a silver streak #352 copper kevorkian. For walleyes we ran it 5' off the bottom in 60-80 FOW.Also worked well on Lake Ontario for bow's but did not find it increased my catch of salmon.


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