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  1. Took pm off, couldn't pass on warm weather, calm water. Lines in water by 3pm at 100'. Targeting steel, worked top 50'. Water on top 55, 50 down 54. Trolled west @ 2.7 to 3.2. Strong north to south current. Marked fish between 145 & 165 so worked back in forth in the zone. No hits till 5, took 10lb steel on Stingray mixed veg 42 down. Friend took a 6lb Steelie while pulling 5 color at dark. 2 for 2, calm water, 60 degrees, incredible sunset on the water. All in November. Doesn't get better than that!!

  2. Fished out of Holland 7am to noon. Slow fishin ended 3-4. All came in 130 to 145 fow about 60 down. 1 8lb King early on Stinger Nitro off rigger, lost fish on wire dipsy, green 8" SD Proctologist fly, then nothing till 11am. Tried about every thing in between. Went out to 190 and back. Hit a double at 11am on way back in 135 ft (go figure). 10lb King on wire dipsy white SD, mirage fly. Friend bringing that in then off goes the 10 color lead w/small dive bomb, RV MS Mong Beef. Decent 8lb Steelie.

    Marked a lot of fish between 125 and 145 all morning mostly 60 down to 100.

    Bigger King had 8 6" alewives in it.

  3. Put down lines at 100' 6am, trolled to 130 then back in, finally landed a 6lb Steelie at 7:30 around 135 on way back out. Pretty slow out there, went 2 hours with no action but marking fish between 145 and 155 generally 50 to 80 down. Took 15lb King around 9:30 in 152fow. Stayed between 140 & 160 and picked up an 8lb King at 155 around 10:30. Southwest troll was best for us. Pulled lines at 11 ending 3-3.

    5 color lead, Stinger shanster took steelie.

    Wire diver out 125 on 2 with 11" UV paddle & BW fly took 15lb King

    5 color lead, DW goldie hawn took 8lb King

  4. Launched @ Holland 6:45am, trolled out channel no takers, then out to 100ft dropped lines, 2 riggers w/glo spoons, 2 dipsys SD/flies, 300 copper & 10 color lead w/spoons. Not many marks till hit 120-130, lots fish all between 60 & 100 down most below 80. Probe showed surface temp 64 / break @ 80 down 50 degrees

    Took silver 12lb King around 8:30 on white SD/lt green fly off braid mag dipsy back 250. Buddy missed 3 on his boat/rigger reg Blue Dolph spoon. Radio chatter said others getting a few 3 yr olds around 80 down. Tough troll w/wind & 2-4 footers, occ 5. Pulled lines around 11am.

  5. Sorry for your bad luck GLF!

    I was on the Roamertrain listening in on the chatter last night. We ended up 2-3, with a nice Steelie at 135 on a Stingray mixed veggie behind a dipsy 180 back. We kept goin mostly west to 200, then trolled back to about 50' pulling lines after dark. We picked up a shaker on a standard NBK downrigger that we tossed back, and missed a nice one at around 100 on lemon ice behind a dipsy. Was nice talkin with you, not many boats out there any more!

  6. Went 3-4 out of Port Sheldon last night with a buddy. Dropped lines in the water around 6pm at 100 ft, trolled west to 120 and turned north, hit our first fish, a 10lb King 60 down on a rigger with a glo white J plug. Next King came on the same rigger 20 min later. Switched the other rigger to a glow green ladder back J plug and that went off 15 min later, a screamer that that took off and never looked back. Some guy will probably snag that fish in the river and come up with my J plug. Couldn't get the dipsys to go all night, or my full core either. Picked up a 4 lber off the copper with a wonderbread J plug when I was pulling lines after dark.

    Was a beautiful night on the water, flat calm, not busy, caught fish and what a sunset!

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