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  1. Howdy all...Having some issues with my throttle lever, I cant seem to feather the speed out of it and it seems tight (actually I was backing  my boat out of my boat well, in reverse then once I cleared the dock I put the control in the neutral setting ready to go forward,but the control locked in the neutral position. I couldn't go forward or in reverse. boy did that suck  and I had a heavy west wind on top of this, I was getting blown into some very expensive boats in the well across from me) I had the marina install a new throttle cable before all this happened hoping it would ease the throttle a bit, but everything seems to be the same as it was. I was thinking about getting a new throttle (Sea star xtream series single lever duel function control) and cable.  I have a 24' trophy hard top with a side mount throttle control 5.0 I/O....Any input would be Greatly Appreciated  thx

  2. hello all I am new to the site an LOVE to Fish for Salmon/Steelhead in lake Michigan...I have been out of the fishing world for many years, just now getting back in it and heard much talk of using slide divers with meat rigs...how exactly do these things work. And how do u set them up? I use downriggers with meat rigs or j-plugs. would appreciate any info on this. thank you

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