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  1. Retiring and moving up from SW MI to Tawas area and I'm looking for some suggestions for fishing Lake Huron, and Saginaw bay. I was stationed at WAFB for 10 years, left when it closed. I used to fish up there all the time but I know the fishery on Huron has changed drastically since I left. I've been fishing Lake Michigan out of Holland for a few years with decent but spotty success lately, for trout and salmon. Never fished out of Augres but have always heard great things about that port. Looking to go out for some walleye, or a mixed bag. It's a big bay though any general suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Have all the gear I need (don't tell my wife I said that) just looking for any suggestions or good contacts I plan on consentratinting mostly on Tawas and Augres ports because of their proximity, but will go anywhere between Alpena, and Bat City. Don't want your honey holes just general direction, depths, speed, etc. Thanks

    PS if you want to give me your top secret locations I promise I won't tell anyone.

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  2. I've been using these behind their swarm flasher for a couple years, and love them. I run the flasher off a short line right off the ball then run my fly off a Blacks release just above the ball, that way I get the attraction from the flasher but don't have the drag when fighting the fish. The disk adds the action not the flasher.

  3. Definitely a tuff year...new at this myself got a few early in the year, spring early summer, but got skunked last two times out. This site has a wealth of good info and great advise. I ditto the last post on Keatings books, I got them and laminated copied pages with lures/color/depths/temps/species into a book I use when setting up. Best I can say is stay patient and hook up with the guys that know what they are doing. Good luck

  4. I've had gas problems this last month, getting algae like crude in the fuel filter...seafoam seafoam seafoam, did not use it this summer and I think that is why I had the problem. Pumped the gas out and filtered it and solved the problem. Also keep your tank full between uses to help reduce condensation when it's so humid with extreme temp changes. I had a check valve problem a couple years ago that caused similar problems and solved that by repositioning it so it was facing in the up position so gravity could assist the check ball, won't fall in place if it's facing down. My first look would be bad gas and or the filter though.

  5. I don't fish meat allot but 3 revolutions per second sounds awful fast that's 180 rpm. I'll have to look at mine closer next time to check the rpm's, I just check to make sure they spin...that's probably why I don't catch as much on meat and fish more of a spoon fly presentation.

  6. make sure print has a good coat of vasoline on it when you put it back on. I leave mine just screwed on by 1 or 2 threads when not being used. Here is a copy of the manual sorry they are pictures but my copier is a pain. good luck and leave some fish out there for me.


  7. Should not show temp out of the water, should just show decimal point. I'll see if I can find my manual. Pretty simple though. Make sure you open and disconnect battery if your not using it for awhile. Also check O ring make sure it's in good shape, and lube with vasoline. If it needs replacement get it from them. I calibrated my speed about 1' down in a no current condition, using my GPS that way I know any difference from GPS speed when I'm using it is a +/- current.

  8. Thanks Ryan, forgot about switching to the higher frequency at higher speeds that's probably what's going on with mine, so much stuff to keep track of. I made a cheat book that I use with laminated pages from Keatings books and others that had tips I thought were important, and a fishing log I got from here. I call it my salmon for dumbies book. Thanks again for the freq. tip that should help allot just being able to scout on the way out.

  9. Thanks Ryan, will pay closer attention to weather and winds prior to going out from now on. Kind of like scouting for bow hunting. My graph works great at trolling speed but gets pretty noisy on plane. I mounted it on the cleanest water area I could find on the boat. Working out temps and speeds and lures as I go. This site has been great for getting ideas and putting stuff together, just need to get out as much as I can and put it into practice.

  10. Thanks guys great info. I've been fishing way to cold. Talking about a surface temp breaks do you check out the temp charts on this site before going out to get an idea were to head out to, and do they read like a topo map, the closer the lines the more rapid the rate of change? Are you running your shallower lures out away from the boat on planers then your deeper ones in closer to the boat? Sorry about all the questions but this really helps.

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