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  1. It's been a "long" season. It ended way to soon, and started to early like always. Second to last day of season was the best hunt for us with 3 drake mallards, 1 hen, and a Drake green wing... that's right, a green wing teal in December. Praying that something will be done about the season. Also, what happened to all of the wood ducks? I never saw one after November started

    Good luck for late season everyone

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  2. I wanted to bring to everyone's attention the salmon population in the Great Lakes. I'm only 18 years old but yet I was able to do the research on the DNR stocking and figured out that the DNR have cut stocking by a substantial amount. For the Kalamazoo River at the dam they were planting just over 50,000 chinook salmon around 2012. From 2013 until now they cut back to nearly 10,000 Chinook. It seems to be the same story everywhere from Ludington south on the Lake Michigan shores of Michigan.

    License prices have gone up for almost everything and the DNR slightly increased stocking of the walleye, coho, and Lakers it appears. But it doesn't seem enough to make up for the money not spent on chinook salmon stocking. So where is all of our money going? Where is one of our largest fishing industries going to turn?

    I have heard that the DNR quit planting chinooks because of a bait problem. Last time I was out September 20, 2015 me and my dad marked football field size pods of baitfish. We didn't just mark one. We marked around 5 of them and there were no fish at all around them. We also marked smaller groups of bait as well.

    I hope that gives you something to think about and I hope you start asking questions like I have.

  3. Went 3-3 from 170-130fow I'm guessing.. Our fish finder quit working past 100fow so we were guessing and we couldn't mark fish either. So I think we did alright. One 8 lb steelhead on a pink plug 5 color. Another 9 lb steelhead on black meat rig 10 color. The last fish was a nice 17.5 lb king on a 300 ft copper with a light blue meat rig. It seamed like a good day overall, really slow all over and the radio was quiet for the most part.

    Suenami II

  4. Me and my dad went out today south and started in 75 fow all the way out to 145 fow.

    First fish hit on Orange spoon on a rigger 55' down in 85 fow but lost it at the boat.

    About 2.8 SOG

    Second fish came on a copper color flie that we tied up our selfves in 115 fow but lost it before we could fight it on a dippsie diver set on 3 160' behind the boat.

    We finished 0-2 with all the action early.

    -Suenami II

    P.S. what off shore radio station can I reach people out on in Holland?

  5. Went 3-10! it was crazy in about 80-115 fow right when we could see the sun we had rods going off left and right. we marked fish from 25 ft down all the way to bottom. I have never seen some many fish on the fish finder. they were stacked. we marked thousands of fish today. they bit right at day light and just before, then they slowed down.

    Had 3 hit's/caught on Laker on a dipsy on 3 at 100 back tan/glow fish catcher with glow tan/white fly. Had lots of screamers on. they ripped a ton of line out then they shook the hook. bigger than the 17 pounder.

    had a bunch of hits on glow spoons, I can't remember which ones but I know that blue glow with orange glow will work and a bloody nose glow spoon will work well. also green glow or white glow

    Caught 1 big 17lbs king about 88 down on a down rigger with bloody nose

    1 Laker on the dipsy

    1 more 12 lbs king on the blue glow spoon and little bit of orange. 67 down

  6. we didn't quit fishing after that, and I probable will go back some time but just not really soon. and yes we did loose the rod :/ we tried to go back to that spot (my dad set a waypoint) and we tried to drag bottom with a treble hook of the cannon ball downriggers but nothing :/ and we trolled kept trolling. we didn't quit...it's hard to get me to quit fishing

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