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  1. Do you ever use bait when trolling for lakers? Up here on the northern shores of lake huron (near manitoulin) I do well using smelts. My favourite set up is using a big gold and silver williams with a 3ft leader line tied to a herring helmet with a smelt.

    Ill often run 4 rods. And at least one of them will have a smelt to get that sent out. I'd say 80% of all the trout that comes in my boat are all caught on the smelt rig...

    I've tried the cowbells several times without any luck...I think theres just too much going on. Maybe scares some of them? I dont know.. Could have just been a bad day who knows.

  2. If you install a breaker panel, you will not need fuses...they basically replace fuses and actually do the same thing. However, you should put a fuse (as close to the battery as possible) on the wire that feeds the breaker panel. This will add protection to the feed circuit. Everything after that is protected by the breakers.

    I prefer the blade type fuses only because they dont break as easily when pulling them out (if fuses are corroded in holders; which happens alot in boats)... Another reason why i like blade type fuses is because the contacts are not exposed like the glass holders are. If you happen to drop a screwdriver, chances are you will not short anything out with blade type holders as compared to the tube style holders that are exposed. Some people like the tubes because they are easier to determin if the fuse is burned just by looking at it. But thats really the only advantage they have IMHO.

    When wirring a boat, always make sure you use alot of di-electric grease on ALL fuse contacts. This will keep moisture out and prevent future problems from corrosion. Dont be cheap with it....put that chit on everything! haha

    Let me know if you have anymore questions. I'm an electronics tech and always glad to answere questions as best as i can.

  3. My guess would be dye leatching out from stitching or the foam under the vinyl...i have never herd of pink mold, but i am no expert.

    Is it all of the seats or just one?

    I had mold on my pontoon boat seats (white leather) when i took it out of storage this year and it was black...Magic Erraser worked the best!!! I tried almost every cleaner out there and didnt compare to the magic erraser. You just have to soak the seats with water then scrub away with the erraser. I did mine in the rain and it worked out very well....

  4. I didnt end up going salmon fishing...I was partying at the Spanish Rock and Roar. But i did end up taking "lover boy's" tour Manager out pickeral fishing for just a few hours. Caught one tinny little pikeral haha (they are down deep this time of year and harder to find). I wish i went salmon fishing though...

    Did you make it out?

    Are any of u guys going to that derby this weekend in Prov? I might be going...not 100% sure yet.

  5. I could be wrong, but isnt there usually a "starting capacitor" on these?? Im an electronics tech and work on actuators daily. From what you described, i wouldnt even bother with the terminals because if its getting juice to pop the breaker then the terminals should be fine. Normally when this happens on our actuators here at work, 9 times outta 10 its the capacitor...But thats our actuators and im not sure if those riggers have starting capacitors or not...i would assume they would... If it pops breaker right away, then i would guess the motor is shorting out internally. If it pops a few seconds after holding the button then i would guess capacitor.....But like i said, thats IF they have a capacitor. Usually all electric motors have capacitors because there isnt enought juice to start the motor.

  6. Could be bait fish or huge schools of cisco...or alot of salmon hoaning in on schools of bait fish.

    Either way, i look for this when im fishing and when i do come across areas like you decribed; i always set up right in the middle of it...not sure if its good or bad, thats just what i do.

  7. yeah i am sure glad i check it out....i was pretty well straight out from the lighthouse on the east side of the bell fallowing the 70ft contour line on my charts. Seemed like all the fish i picked up were in the exact same spot!!? other then that one i picked up by the green marker on my way in (ball at 30ft)....

    Cant wait to go back...might even camp out

  8. Nicely done Oakzer...

    I checked out Providence bay yesterday....came back in with 5 and lost 5. One was 20.5 lbs. Ken at the marina said it was the biggest so far this week...

    My buddy took his own boat and he was nailing them one after the other right beside me...he told me to put something pink on, and as soon as i did then we started nailing them too. Strange how they are so picky with colors. All of my fish was on the pink/green watermelon at 65ft in 75 FOW.

    I cant beleive how nice the water is on the south side...wow! AND COLD!! surface temps read 55.5deg....im going back as soon as i can.

  9. hahaha right on! Way to start him out early!

    Oakzer, have you ever tried out Meldrum? My buddy went there last weekend and they had alot of action...If the weather is nice, i think i might zip across from Blind River this weekend.

  10. I normally troll at 2.1 to 2.8mph on GPS....You are clippin pretty good there. If you are using a flasher then i would guess that the weight of the flasher + the speeds that you are traveling causes them to release. I am no expert or anything, but i think thats a bit fast.

    Try letting arround 20/25ft out before clipping to the release so that when you take sharp turns it wont tangle in the other lines. If you are fishing above 40ft or so, then yes, you are letting the right amount of line out because you want to be away from the sound of the boat. But bellow 40ft; you dont have to let so much line out...

  11. I've been in there a hundred times...never noticed moonshine.

    I tried a flasher and smelt rig and it just tangles my other line...rigs not far enough apart I think? J plugs do the same thing.

    How much line do you let out before you connect to the release?? maybe you are letting too much line out?

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