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  1. Dave, I've got some questions about some of the stuff you taught me the other day:

    Concerning the braided line:

    1. How much line do you put on the reel? What test line do you recommend?

    2. Do you have thoughts on what size/type of reel to put it on? How about the type of rod? All mine are currently 8' 6" medium flex, should I stick with that style rod, or go with something different?

    3. The braided line was used to fish the dipsy divers, right? Do you have a rule of thumb concerning a ratio of how much line is out vs depth achieved?

    4. I forgot how the dipsy was set up, exactly. The dipsy attaches to the end of the line, then you ran a 50 lb mono leader off of the dipsy? How long was the leader?

    5. You ran the dipsy's off the side of the boat out of rod holders. Any rec's as to a preferred brand of rod holder? It seems like a pretty strong holder would be needed for trolling like we do.

    More questions on copper to follow, and thanks for your input.

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