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  1. Just a quick report. 8 for 12 yesterday straight out and south. South troll, 135fow-140, fished top to 95 feet down, hot rig was 225 copper with double orange crush, and DR down 55 with killer tangerine stingray size. LOST my handheld VHF radio if anyone finds it please let me know, it should flash in low light. Big fish 19.8 kin, 4 kings and 4 steelies.

  2. Went straight out to 90fow and set lines at 6:15am. Had two 10lb kings right away, 1st on 225cu with meat, 2nd on braid dipsy out 160 with green crinkle fly and green SD. Trolled for an hour and a half to pick up a third king on DR set at 60 with meat rig attached. Best troll was SW, best water was 105-110. Marked some good fish out there. Was happy going 3-3 with two 6 yr year old kids cranking in the kings, yes my son brought in the 225cu on his own. Proud Dad!!

  3. Set lines at 7:15am in 70 flow north of pier. Had a 8lb king on DR in 5 min set at 31down w/ blue Dolphin stinger spoon. Set rest of lines out and we picked up 4 more at 80fow between 60-31' down. 225 cu line with silver streak pink/yellow w/ black dots was our best rig taking 2 17lb fish. All spoons. Divers were dead for us.Ended 5 for 5, all kings, pulled lines at 11:00.

  4. Left the launch at 4:00pm, ran out to 155FOW and started working in to 135, picked up 2 nice coho on carmel dolphine spoon, on rigger 40down and 25down, trolled into 100fow and hit another coho on NBK spoon on dipsy set on 2, 100 out, then other dipsy rips wth siggs rig fly and SD, pull in a 18 pound king that was crazy at the back of the boat, one more coho on a carmel and yellow spoon on a 3 color. Ended 5 for 5, nice night and a good shakedown, fish on!

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