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  1. Looking for a GPS / Fishfinder combo for fishing saginaw bay and occasionally lake michigan? Thanks!
  2. I picked up 2 tite lok three rod trees, 2 single Berts holders that are adjustable and 2 other single tite loks. Found them used and got a good deal about a month ago. I am thinking getting a gimbal mount to mount the riggers on as I have a gimbal slots already on the boat. I figured it would help in converting it back to fish on saginaw bay. I stopped into Gander tonite just to check a few things out. I was looking at some dipseys are 0's the norm on the big water? Appreciate the details on running the additional line instead of stacking. I have got quite the checklist to work off now! Thanks a ton gentleman, you don't know how much this means to me. Troy
  3. Thanks guys, Appreciate the support and guidance. Really excited to get out as this has been a dream of mine. I can now repay my dad for carting me all over the state fishing as a kid. As I have never used lead core when you say 5 and 10 color, you mean I would run mono as backing and then connect 5 or 10 color lengths of lead core? If I were to run all three as a presentation I am assuming the Boards would be set first closest to the bow, and then the dipsies would follow? appreciate the details on reels I will check out the convector and sealines. Thinking about an HDS-5 w/lake insight for electronics any experiences with these? Thanks Again Troy
  4. And a new member to the site..... It was a rough two weeks but she is over it now. A 20Ft 1996 Angler with a 130 Evinrude and a 6 hp kicker. Slowly I am getting the accessories. I have two Cannon Mag 10 Riggers with dual holders and a couple different sets of rod holders I have purchased over the past few months. I recently picked up 4 Okuma GLT downrigger rods and the Magda pro reels. I am looking to pick up two diver rods and reels and am planning on running 30 lb braid. The magda reels hold 220 of 20 lb line will these be enough for kings? As I am new to running my own boat I am looking for suggestions on how to best set up a presentation. I am thinking 2 rods stacked on each rigger and then two dipsy ? Hopefully planning at least two to three multi day trips to the west side of the state when the weather looks to cooperate. Any suggestions on good ports to begin and learn at? I plan on getting all the bugs out, fishing eyes on saginaw bay in the mean time. Thanks Troy
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