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  1. I was out last night when this happened. We went to look this morning after fishing and the boat was still there completely out of the water. This guy must have been hauling A$$ to get the boat all the way out of the water. So..............BE VERY CAREFUL AT NIGHT and set your waypoint outside the harbor. BTW fishing was ok but we worked for everything and lost a ton of fish going 7 for 22 on Tue, but that was the same for everybody else that we talked to up there.

  2. Great idea Dan! Maybe they will get a monster or at least realize that you are really working to get them a monster. Also they will see that you are a conservation minded fisherman, and respect your practices. Thank you for your frequent posts. I mainly fish L. Mich but get over you way a few times a year and have learned a lot from your posts. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

  3. good point mike, we should also learn how the disinfect our boats and any other equipment that may get splashed with water to slow/prevent the spread to our inland lakes. I learn more and about this every day at work, let me tell you this is the ugliest thing to hit the great lakes in a very long time. However it is a virus and "should" run its course, but nobody really knows how long it takes. Also want to give the MDNR a pat on the back for the steps they have already taken on this matter, it is for our own good!

  4. he fish with the deformed pectoral fin was most likely clipped for identification purposes. the bulging eye can be from may things (usually unrelated to a disease.

  5. hey guys just wanted to let you know what i know!!! the salmon one the south end have been moving a lot. one day we fish 70-100 the next the fish are out in 160-180. i am fishing sat. cant wait to see if these 20-40 mph south winds blew some warm water out and piled the cold water up close to shore. this usually brings steelies when it happens. will let you guys know what happens! BTW: i have been hearing good perch reports in indiana waters. "lots of 12-14 inchers." i do not go after them so thats just what the word on the street is!

  6. i know you said that you wanted to shorten the trip BUT..... i think it would be well worth your time/gas to keep coming south! i have fished these southern ports for coho for a long time. st. joe is the last southern port to get good, you should look at mich. city, burns ditch or new buffalo. we can keep 5 coho in IN so bring your friends cause when its good we usually have 4-6 limits in two or three hours! my buddy and i fish a lot out of mich city, it takes us 50min to get there and we are usually in the truck longer than in the boat. if you have any questions give me a shout i'll point you in the right direction. we are going fri. 3/9 to cast from the wall at the port of indiana.

    p.s. the launches are starting to open up and the lake is WIDE open!!!

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