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  1. Steve , I made my own trees to ,i found that the lowest holder worked better with the angle less than the next one up , also the top holder should be to the front of the boat a little, and the lower holderr to the back of the boat a little and the middle holder in the the middle of the "twist" this will create rod tip spaceing otherwise the rod tips will hit and your boards will jump easier. This is just what i found out with mine they are looking real good tho ,i cut mine the same way they look good like that. feel free to pm me if you want any more info. jimmy

    what he said......

    I have some "custom made" trees as well

    if you don;t add the twist at least flatten out the angle as you go down the tree... it really helps, the inward twist from top to down will help prevent lines jumping and crossing in turns,

    leave that upper tube open it can serve as another holder as well, or you can fashion an LED light on an adjustable pole

    drill small drain holes at the base of each holder

    if you can make the bases so you can swivel the tree out of the way as you come into the dock.

    i had so much fun puttin trees on the boat, they're probably the best addition i ever made, plus adjustable dual dipsy holders....


  2. IMHO.....Baileys Harbor has the best of both worlds...a little something for the wife, shopping, go around the other side with the boat for a day trip to Fish Creek then Egg Harbor, more shopping and good food, but fish on the Bailey's side...you really can not go wrong with the upper Door Peninsula in July and August for fishing or shopping ...and if the weather takes a turn for the worse...you can always duck out of the wind on one side or the other

  3. couple trips, i lost my ass...if you find it could you please hand it back to me??!!

    other than that...my boat... salmon fishing, one dipsy w/ flasher fly, one moonshine and a j-plug.....

    other boat, one flasher fly...

    walleye fishing one deep diver husky jerk to a toothy critter, maybe a couple spinner rigs,

    over all good year, no boards, no copper or lead core, no rigger balls, no probes...at least under my watch

  4. ummmm....yep...i know the feeling....mine started with a lund from the factory being t-boned on a highway....then insurance screwing me...then finding the right boat and having serious electrical issues..in the end if you weigh pros and cons and the pros of the boat outweigh the cons...keep her...... but be truthful in your list

  5. my theory about why fall perch fishing is so good, the invertebrates that they were feeding on have mostly hatched and the remaining stock of aquatic insects are in a form that are hiding on the bottom, requiring a lot of energy to find.

    all summer long gobs of insects are hatching out of the water to complete their life cycle, this stops on a gradual slope until finally in the late summer/early fall, all that left are inverts that are hiding or minnow based forage that has reached a size which that are better suited for walleye..

    just a theory, but whatever the reason i know the perch bite is on...it is really hot on Winnebago right now with big fish being caught. I've only a couple opportunities to cash on the bonanza so far this year, but the best is about to happen with the cool nights....if you want to find me next weekend, i'll be reaping the rewards on Winnebago ...

  6. here's what i use for wind forecast. with a little experience you can guess if it will be too rough....


    look for the forecast tables...the site seems to be dead nutts on 24 hrs in advance, and pretty good two days out, i really use it alot!!

    for wave height:


    another wind:


    after a while you will get the feel for what you can handle by looking at the forecast, then there are just those days they are just wrong...which can be frustrating when you call a trip off and you find yourself stewing when the winds are flat when it should be blowing

  7. this season i was letting out a ton of line on a wire dipsy, the line on the spool and the level wind were out of sync...so i dropped out 600' down the chute on a released mag diver...bounced it off bottom then put it in the chute rigger rod holder and smoked it back in as fast as i could reel it , i mean I was rippin it in... when at about 200' on the counter, the rod just doubled over..FISH ON!!! a nice king (which we landed) smacked the flasher fly combo...

    i wonder if we are going to slow sometimes,

  8. not really picky about quantities, so do this to your taste

    Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce....couple good dashes, you like it hot, add more

    orange marmalade......1/4 cup or so (3 TBLS = 1/4 cup)

    soy sauce....couple more good dashes, if you like it salty add more (actually more umami than salt)

    1-2 cloves garlic (shallots?) choped, smashed, minced, however you like it

    hold the onion?? naaah!! 2TBLS minced

    zest and juice of one lime

    taste, add more of something if it isn't the way you like it (hot enough?!)

    mix and pour over skinless salmon fillets, marinade for as long as you like, grilled skin side up with a few chunks of apple wood added to the fire, gently basted with remaining marinade, turn, brush with more marinade, then kissed with a brush of butter just before removing from fire, plate and add a squeeze of lime...... off the hook!!

    the marmalade could be substituted w/ brown sugar , but it really isn't as good

  9. I'm just getting started in this aspect of walleye fishing....so in my mind’s eye…

    Outside boards, mag deep diver husky jerk 150-200 feet back

    Inside boards – deep reef runners/thunder sticks 75-125 feet back

    Dipsy Divers /mini disk 0.0 -0.5 setting with spoon 50-60 feet back

    Six board option, ditch the divers and set board outside with flicker shads 120-160 feet back

    Key – keep the inside deeper than the outside and preferably shorter lines deeper as you come inward

    I suspect there are even simpler ways and I am really looking forward to some better answers incorporating one lure type

  10. i pull a gill raker or two, then throw them in the live well for a few minutes for a good rinse, then onto the ice for a quick cool down...both salmon and walleyes....best fish ever

    they do this salt water fishing for a reason, warm water = fast decomposition...its the hot blood in the meat that starts to decompose, fast heart beat creates heat, which is then transferred to the blood, get the blood out of the meat and it will be fresher longer

  11. I was running 8 lines three boards and two mini disk, the folks i was fishing with thought i was nuts...they were only partially right, we caught fish...boxed out and CRP'd a ton of fish over 22"...great day, but i was frustrated with the tangles, mind you i am the fastest knot tyer this side of the great lakes, but even i cringed at the mono ball i amassed....zoinks!!

    i'm starting to acquire my walleye gear in bits and pieces and have yet to assemble a myriad of lures, but it sounds like i need to start getting some plugs that get to depth quicker. i've been picking up flicker shads, now i think i'll reef rippers to the list...lots of purple :)

    I sat down last night and went through my troller's bible (exciting Saturday night at Phishy's house...woo-hoo...PARTY!!) and discovered i have a hodge podge of lures that will get to depth faster, so i'll toy around with them some, as i slowly add a few more to my repertoire

    I completely understand the V concept, which in simplicity works great with copper and lead core on the vertical plane, but mono/braid with all the lures running at the same depth??! i think i need to visualize the v concept not only on the vertical plane, but the horizontal plane with the shortest lines running at the target depth on the outside and longer leads at the target depth as i come in closer to the chute, but this would only apply for clean plugs, no weights, divers, core, etc. does this sound right??

    I may have to play around with some other divers as well, i have a ton of them and should utilize them, i like divers over boards since there is less line out and you don't have to fight that stupid board all the way back to the boat, kinda like reeling in a shoe box

    I'm heading out this afternoon after the wind dies and targeting perch with the wife, but i might bring the wally gear with for a short stint.

  12. i'm a little new at great lakes walleye fishing..

    ok so i can run lead core, i 'm pretty good at copper, dipsies and riggers,all salmon stuff.... but...

    this plug running for walter thing has me all all over table

    flash back to friday....

    best bite was a deep diver husky jerk 200' back off a board, next best was a mini diver with a spoon, i managed to keep the diver mostly clean, but every fish of the board seemed to like diving into something... at the end of the day, I lost a good 300' mono.

    my question, how should i set out my lines, deep diver short lines inside, and long line deep divers outside, or the other way around, it didn;t seem to matter, i was knitting a pair of mono socks.... but i wanted to keep in the 16-19 foot range, that was were the bite was

    I'm at loss how to run my lines clean in the zone in "deeper" water with long lines for walleyes

    I hope this is a good discussion....

    mind you... i like lead core and i'm willing to use it, more so ever i like catching fish without a snarled mess



  13. not a pro at it but , from frozen new package in the cooler, lightly thawed , as you fish snip off the head, clean 'em like a smelt, and see if they fit on the meat head, then end of the day, snip off the heads and clean 'em then drop 'em in a jar of brine...keep cold...seen it done but never done it, and it seems to work

  14. for whatever reason, i start on the starboard side...also the lead core side as well as the shallow side...makes sense as i type.

    Starboard dipsy, slow creep, starboard rigger ..just get it in, somewhere half way down , but at least 30 down , center rigger also probe rod...40 down....flip over to port side dipsy...slip out, check starboard side slipping, check ball speed, go deeper with starboard side rigger..set port side rigger at leats 30’ down, check depth on both, check water depth, check speed….got five lines in…COME ON FISH!!!


    Start slipping riggers and dipsies deeper

    Set high board, and progressively work on the boards,

    just get the dipsies and riggers in ASAP…I’d rather run with five lines in the dark too shallow than with no lines…

    if you land on the fish, deal with it as you can, but keep lines fishing the water, dipsies and riggers set fast, typically faster than a person can reel in a fish, if a dispy fires , set the other if it isn’t already out..

    key is to keep all the rods in order so you can set them out ASAP…nothing worse than looking for a line when you should be setting it..Particularly in the dark

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