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Wave report SH SJ Holland??

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My wife and I were there until around 1 PM. I thought they were solid two's. My wife's stomach said they were 10's when we came in.

Couldn't find any size to the perch, we went south.

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Ended up heading out there it wasnt too bad. Got pounded a little on the way out. Ended up 1 for 3 with just a little coho in 115' that was hooked bad. Lost the biggest fish of my life about 10pm. Just put a pearl j plug down on dipsy 110' back in less than a minute it was screamin. Got up to the boat and my buddy could not get in the net and the fish freaked. (Randy ur right im getting a bigger net tonight) Broke my 25# XT leader even with the snubber. Could not turn fast with other lines in and watched my glow plug float away. Quite exciting and frustrating!!!!!:angry2:. Marked alot of fish in 85-90 fow. Glad i went out though.

Tight Lines, JArod

PS Randy i dropped my phone in boat water. Can u pm me ur number

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