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Fished Ludington yesterday mornin. Went 5 for 6 up at Big Point Sauble. Fished 110' to 180' FOW. All the fish were deep 75-Bottom. Took the first fish on a DW Bloody Nose, 110 down. Second on a DW Michael Jackson on a fireline dipsy set 250' back on #2. Third and forth on a DW Bloody Nose on a slider pinned at 90-95 down. Lost a Steely on a full core. Last fish was a shaker on a DW Lime Icicle down 110 in 160 FOW. Everything was SMALL.

Largest fish was about 6 lbs. Really had problems with the SeaLice plugging up the rod tip, then have to stop and try to clear it. With a big fish on, it would have been trouble with a capital T. Anybody have any suggestions about how to handle the sealice. All in all it was a pretty nice morning. Still waiting for the bigger fish to make it up here.

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5 fish, way to go. Been marking some deep but you got them to bite. As for the SeaLice, I watch the lines while I am changing lures. If they are starting to build up, I drop the rod tip in the water and lift fast. Two or three times will clear the line pretty well. I hope the weather holds this week to let the water set up. Good job.

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