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Fishing remains excellent off Milwaukee despite the recent "less than stellar" weather conditions. We found the cohos in 150 feet of water off the towers today and finished up our 3-man-limit by 9:15. All cohos except one laker that we couldn't revive.

Fish Tally:

5 for 5, red "00" size dodger with a green 4K peanut fly, slide diver 80' LOC

4 for 4, standard Raider Flamethrower, slide diver 60' LOC :Flamethrower:

3 for 5, mag Raider Chicken Pox, 300' of copper :cpox:

2 for 2, mag Raider Blue Knight, 90' down :BlueKnight:

1 for 1, 11" white Coyote w/ blue fly, 120' down (laker)

0 for 1, small red Alderton flasher w/ champagne fly, 2 color leadcore

This was my first try at using Slide Divers and copper, and it was pretty cool to see those presentations kick butt! Also interesting was the fact that while Slides were smoking, I didn't take a single hit on either of my wire dipsies.


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