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April 17 out of Knife River

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Had high hopes for the day as the forecast was great and we ran far enough from the bay to get out of the muddy water. Lines were set and ready to catch fish at 10am. Water temps were 34.2 to 35.6

Ran sticks off boards and spoons off downriggers (15 and 25 down).

Ended the day at 3pm going 1 for 1. The lone steelhead took a jointed crayfish shad rap that was pretty hot in Chequamegon Bay last fall.

I'm pretty disappointed in the fish production as I marked lots of fish and tried all different types of baits, depths on the downriggers, leadcore, and slide divers. I changed speeds, did "S" turns and could not get anything going.

I guess the only place to get any production this early in the season is out of Two Harbors or along South Shore/Park Point...if the water ever clears up.

Nice day on the water and it went by pretty fast.


Here is a picture of my good friend and neighbor Ron with the 23 inch Steelhead.


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