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April 13 Duluth Report

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Got out for the first time yesterday from 12noon to 3:30pm.

The whole Duluth/Superior bay was brown with dirty water from the storm we had which blew in 50+ mph NE winds.

Went 0/0 and the other boats I talked to also did not catch a thing. We ran inline planers with stickbaits, one rigger with a spoon, and one slide diver with a spoon.

Lesson learned and the next time the lake is that muddy I'll be stopping off at the nearest pub to catch my "sliverbacks!"


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Hey Special X,

I know a couple people who have been out of Two Harbors this year and have done decent on coho.

I'm planning on taking this Thursday off of work and launching from Knife River. Check out this link and it will tell you the true story of the mudline from the blizzard. Look at the 4/14/08 picture:


I'll let you know how Thursday goes.


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Hey GLF,

Usually this time of year is coho, lake trout, and a few scattered kings. I like targeting coho because they taste awesome and are right on the surface. We use mainly stick baits and dodger fly combos. The flys are like little peanut flys and they also work good on steelhead.

When late May early June hits then we start getting some good steelhead action.

Should be a good day tomorrow and I'm taking a video camera along to post a video in the video section of the site.

Shu, you must have a security setting that is not allowing you to view the maps. This happens a lot to me at work with specific sites and I'm guessing that is what's happening to you. Maybe try it on your home computer?


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