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well i took plumcrazy ,adam and my buddy crhis down to the brown bast this morning and what a blast it was, we ended the morning 31 for 36 or 37

we set up just north of the pump house in about 20 fow and started setting line as we headed in a little closer looking for about 10 fow ,as we got the 5 line in it went with a nice 8 and a half lb brown and then we could not keep the coho's off the line

we ended up takeing 3 browns and 9 cohos in ,and released 19 more coho's

to stay withing tounyment regs that set us in third place for the final weigh in the hot baits where a org. and gold x-rap 125 back on the board, a red black dot tadpolly 125 back on a board , a bumble bee stinger 20 back, 7 down on a rigger ,a z flasher 40 back 3 down on the other rigger, a black and silver jointed reble 150 back on a board and any thins fish you had in the box

most of our fish came in 6 to 12 fow

phil will have to put a pic of the catch up becouse i forgot the camra on the kichen counter


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Heres a picture of my 9.5 lb brown. We couldnt get a second or we could have finished better!

Mike your gonna have to give me a hand with the picture, im computer retarded! thanks

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Eric can always catch bigger fish Mr Diddlewinker smarty pance but you can never grow taller or learn to drive a boat:taunt::lol:

Yuck it up Tommy.

I'm OK with the boat, it's the trailer that gave me issues...once. It pays to be short sometimes;)

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